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Nutrition Awareness, Why Is It Important?

Our county has become synonymous with three things: Culture, diversity and jugaad. As Indians, we know how to find ways to get things done and often take shortcuts. However, the one area where we should avoid this jugaad is nutrition. There is no shortcut to good health.

Nutrition affects the overall development of not only an individual, but also an entire nation. This is because a diet deficit in nutritive value can have long-term impact on health, leading to diet-related disorders. This usually results in less productivity as physical output and capacity decrease, leading to economic loss on a macro level, directly affecting the development of an entire nation.

To lead an active and healthy lifestyle, a well-balanced diet combined with regular physical exercise is crucial. Good nutrition boosts immunity, cuts the risk of mental and physical disorders and helps in fighting diseases.
Vitamins are essential to any diet as they help in the normal growth of a human being. A recent survey shows that most Indians suffer from a Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B9 deficiency. To add to this, we also suffer from Vitamin A deficiency and are deficit in essential minerals such as zinc and iron.
Micronutrients, comprising vitamins and minerals, form the backbone of a good and well-balanced nutritive diet. Nutrition cannot be just a means to get something done; it is the pathway to success in daily life, to play any sport and an important aspect to keep one active.

Increasing awareness

Today, India is getting active! People are more aware about the need of adding a physical activity to their day to keep themselves fit. With our lives getting busier, people want to get the maximum output for the day — and to ensure that one can maximize the 24 hours in the day—you need the right nutrition via multivitamins combined with a balanced diet.
With initiatives like Khelo India and Fit India Movement gaining momentum, it is important to talk about nutrition. Even when it comes to professional sports, ensuring that Indian athletes get quality nutrition has a direct impact on their ability to compete on an international level. Talent, dedication and passion are precursors to greatness but right coaching, infrastructure and nutrition help to ensure they have the right arsenal for a level playing field.

Hydration is key

Today, the one thing people are following more whether they are athletes or just busy professionals is hydration. Along with a well-balanced diet, water intake needs to be monitored. While everyone is aware about the need to have at least eight glasses of water a day, sometimes, just having water is not enough… especially if you are training or on the move. At that time, you need to replenish your body as well as rehydrate it. This is where electrolytes play an important role.
We have always needed quality nutrition but the awareness was low and the options were few and far. Earlier, people would buy products while travelling abroad or ask friends and family to get it for them but today, there are many Indian brands which are providing quality nutrition supplements so that people can have access to what they need.
Our country is getting ready to move ahead in all spheres and that includes fitness and sports. India is equipping itself across infrastructure, training and nutrition to ensure nothing can stop us from emerging as a nation that is active, fit and delivers success.

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