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Banking Sector CSR

Five Banks in India That Take CSR Seriously

The banking sector plays a major role in the development of the economy, as it mobilizes deposits and provides credit to various sectors across India. Considering the fact that its operations impact the lives of people at the grassroots level, it has great potential to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country. Recognising...
jewellery houses

5 Jewellery Houses in India That Take CSR Seriously

India is the largest consumer and importer of gold, accounting for about 29% of global gold consumption. The sector is home to more than 300,000 gems and jewellery players. Its market size is estimated to grow by US$103.06 billion by the year 2023. Although the market is saturated with many small players, the branded...
Anil Agarwal - Vedanta

Philanthropy Report: Anil Agarwal’s Philanthropic Efforts Creates Impact at Grassroots Level

'Whatever you have earned, a portion of it should go back to the society,' Mr Anil Agarwal, founder and Chairman of Vedanta Resources Limited has said. With this firm belief, the first generation billionaire has pledged 75 per cent of his wealth to philanthropy, ever since the year 2014. Anil Agarwal and Family occupied the...
#youngwarrior movement

60 lakh millennials join #YoungWarrior movement to take action against the pandemic

A new youth movement to tackle the global pandemic is gathering steam in India. Called the #YoungWarrior movement and backed by UNICEF and the Ministry, it has already gained 60 lakh millennial volunteers from rural and urban quarters. Close to 5,800 girls aged 18-30 years recently registered as Young Warriors and pledged their support to...
Sonu Sood

Celebrity Philanthropists of India: Sonu Sood The Super Hero to the Common Man Amid Pandemic

The actor Sonu Sood has often played the role of an anti-hero in reel life but has played the role of super-hero for many in real life, especially during the pandemic. The actor has been winning the hearts of so many people by supporting various social causes and acting as a guardian angel for...
Skill development models

Changing Skill Development Models for the Purpose of Poverty Alleviation

In India, vocational skills and skill development strategy represent a multi-level approach to understanding knowledge systems, spatial realities and capital concerned with poverty, livelihood needs and employability opportunities. To address these issues, governments – both central and provincial – have devised methods and taken steps to push reforms and agendas linked to poverty alleviation...
Green Pathshala

Green Pathshala: A Coaching Institute that Asks Planting Saplings as its Admission Fees

For children from low-income families, education in itself is often a luxury, let alone studying at coaching institutes for competitive exams. Many students with high intellectual potential are unable to take utmost benefit of their calibre as they are unable to afford the fees of the education institutes which gives them an immediate disadvantage...
Bangalore international airport

100% water positive Bangalore International Airport replenishes more water than it consumes!

Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (also known as KIAB, Bangalore International Airport and BLR Airport) has achieved a significant milestone on its sustainability journey. BLR Airport replenishes more water than it consumes. The roadmap to achieving water positivity at BLR Airport was based on surveys, research and expert opinions. This led to reduced dependency on municipal...
Tiger Conservation

World Tiger Day 2021: Role of CSR in Conservation of Tigers

About a century ago, it was easy to see the tiger in its natural habitat as around 100,000 of them roamed across Asia, including several sub-species that are now extinct. Now, it is often experienced by disappointed travellers who visit tiger habitats and fail to spot the cat. This is because their numbers have declined...

WhatsApp Finally Gets Socially Conscious

Social media platforms get a bad rap for being purveyors of fake news and FOMO (that’s Fear of Missing Out, in case you were out of the loop). However, it’s the users who are spreading misinformation, not Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. The platform is merely the messenger, which gets inadvertently shot (targeted, in this...
Kumar Mangalam Birla

Philanthropy report: Kumar Mangalam Birla is a modern ambassador for trusteeship

“My idea of society is that while we are born equal, meaning thereby that we all have a right to equal opportunity, all have not the same capacity. It is in the nature of things impossible. For instance, all cannot have same height, colour or degree of intelligence. Therefore, in nature of things, some...
IBM Clean Energy

Global Sustainability Report: IBM’s 21 Environmental Sustainability Goals

Climate change has been a major consideration across the globe for making major business or policy decisions. The rapidly warming of the planet has initiated a scramble among policymakers and corporate decision-makers to adopt sustainability and environment-friendly approaches in day-to-day operations. IBM is one of the companies leading in this rather than following. IBM has...

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