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Mega Man Made Forest drive sets new world record

A new world record was set on Sunday at Wada near Mumbai with 1,99,936 trees planted in a single day. This monumental feat was supported by over 200 local volunteers: adivasi tribes, local villagers and farmers who worked hard to dig each and every pit for 10 days prior. The layout was neatly planned and saplings sat beside every pit – ready for plantation.
From a Bikers Club of 15 who rode to Wada on their superbikes to a 13-year-old schoolgirl to a 78-year-old teacher, they all gathered from different walks of life to help in planting saplings. In the midst of the event, the village sarpanch visited the plantation site to extend his support. The event commenced at 6 am and was joined by local volunteers as well as 30 volunteers from the city who went to Wada for a ‘Mega Man Made Forest’ by the Treebox Initiative in collaboration with Rotary District 3141. Veteran Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla was the brand ambassador for the event.
Harsh Vaidya - treeboxHarsh Vaidya, Founder, TreeBox Initiative says, “It’s indeed a dream come true seeing so many like-minded Mumbaikars joining hands to make this city a greener place. I would like to thank every person who sponsored a tree towards making of Mega Man Made Forest and, most importantly, the local villagers and the tribal community who made this feat possible. We continue to pledge that in a decade, we look forward to growing 1 crore trees in and around Mumbai.”
The event ended at 6 pm with a record total of 1,99,936 native trees planted on the day, officially making it into the World Book of Records, UK. The Mega Man Made Forest event got together the largest plantation drive, securing green coverage for future generations.
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