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Can India provide free cancer treatment to all?

Yes, India can provide free cancer treatment to many.
Ever since the pandemic struck our country in 2019, one disease considered gruesome was Cancer. More than Covid, people feared Cancer to death.

Who likes to fall ill?

Be it Cancer or any other illness, the course of treatment the disease takes is painful. The changing lifestyle, no inclination to exercise, and eating junk food more than healthy food is the reasons for damaging the organs faster than usual. It is the prime cause of the rise in cancer cases. The number of cancer cases reported in the year 2020 was 13.9 lakhs. It is expected to rise to 15.7 lakhs by 2025. According to the reports, women in India are said to have marginally higher cases. Projected incidence of cancer patients in 2020, the male is 679,421 and female is 712,758. Women are said to have higher Cancer because the three most common cancers in India are Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, and Oral Cancer.
Depending on the cancer type, the maximum charge for cancer treatment in India is up to Rs.30 lakhs. The figure may seem pretty impossible for many to afford.
Doesn’t this leave you to think that hopefully, there is the best cancer hospital in India for free treatment?
For sure, it would. Before we explore ways/facilities to get free treatment for Cancer, here are some quick facts on cancer.

Table of Contents

– Quick Facts on Cancer
– Best Cancer Hospital in India for Free Treatment
– Alternative to afford Cancer Treatment in India.
– Cancer Protection Plan in India
– Conclusion

Quick Facts on Cancer

– Women cancer patients are higher than men.
– 1 in 9 Indians develops Cancer in their lifetime.
– Cancer can increase expenses by more than 36%.
– Cancer treatment can cost you as low as Rs.90k to as high as Rs. 30 lakhs.
Let us now move ahead to know the best cancer hospitals in India.

Best Cancer Hospital in India for Free Treatment

No doubt, India has world-class facilities to provide treatment for Cancer. But the fact of life is that not everyone can bear the treatment expenses.
Fighting cancer can be emotionally as well as financially draining for anyone. Keeping in mind the affordability and rate of disease spread, the government has tried to offer low-cost or free medical care for the disease. In a small effort to make the journey after Cancer easy and less torture-some, the idea of free cancer treatment was introduced.
These are the best cancer hospitals in India that offer free treatment:

1. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai is one of India’s most leading cancer-treating medical establishments. It provides free cancer care services to nearly 70% of its cancer patients. The class of medical facilities here is advanced and incomparable. The center is equipped to provide chemotherapy and radiology to its patients. Apart from this, the hospital has all the equipment to conduct ultrasound, CT scans, MRIs, and PET Scans.

2. Tata Memorial Hospital, Kolkata

Tata Memorial Hospital in Kolkata is known for cutting down the cost of treatment. It offers healthcare facilities, especially to those underprivileged and does not have enough resources for the treatment. The hospital provides care and medicines at subsidized rates to the needy.

3. Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore

Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology is another reputed healthcare facility in Bangalore. The institute receives its funds from the government and provides free treatment to individuals who have Cancer below the poverty line. Medicines at Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology are 40% to 60% cheaper than anywhere else.

4. Regional Cancer Center, Thiruvananthapuram

Despite the limited financial means, the Regional Cancer Center in Thiruvananthapuram serves humanity with free cancer treatment. The idea behind the cancer center is to help the poor and destitute who have no money for their care and treatment. The highest class of medical facility like CT scan, isotope, and chemotherapy is provided for free.
Nearly 60% of the patients at RCC are given free cancer treatment. 29% of patients belonging to the middle class receive subsidies. Regardless of their income group, the adults and children can avail free treatment here. The Regional Cancer Centre collects funds under the’ Cancer Care for Life’ program for people with Cancer.

5. Cancer Care Foundation of India, Mumbai

Cancer Care Foundation of India provides free cancer treatments to those who seek alternative and complementary therapies to combat Cancer. The foundation aims to help patients recover with natural ways like Ayurveda, Yoga, Cow Urine, and dietary nutrition. In some, the treatment supports the absorption of cancer medicines in the body.
These were the reputed institutes that make lives easy for thousands of patients who are struggling with Cancer. But not all may be aware of these establishments, or instead, they might not qualify for these services. Such cancer patients like these will have to look for an alternative.
Let us read next what could be the possible alternative solution to help cancer patients.

Alternative to afford Cancer Treatment in India

As an alternative to help cancer patients afford the cost of treatment, they must think of buying a cancer protection plan.
Wondering what is a cancer protection plan and are there any such plans in India?
The answer to both the queries above is yes.

Cancer Protection Plan in India

A cancer protection plan is a life insurance policy that pays the individual right after the cancer diagnosis. The benefit payout will depend on the stages of the Cancer. The happy part with the insurance plan is that it covers all stages of Cancer and does not require multiple documents submission. Cancer protection plans are high sum assured insurance covers that are available at affordable and less premium. For example, you can get a cancer cover for Rs.10 lakhs at just Rs.4/day.
The cancer insurance policy can help cancer patients and give them a great peace of mind. In addition, the policy can benefit the family in these ways:
– Lump-Sum Payout: As soon as the individual covered under the life insurance policy is diagnosed with Cancer, they are given a lump sum payment. The payout on early-stage diagnosis of 30% of the sum is assured. The rest amount of 70% is paid later when the individual is further diagnosed with significant stage cancer. If the life insured is diagnosed with significant stage cancer, the individual will receive 100% assured.
– Peace of Mind: When the policy pays in a lump sum, the individual will not compromise on the class and quality of treatment. They can choose a medical facility and the best treatment. The lump-sum amount will help the family recover for the loss of monthly income if any. The amount can be used to handle sudden unexpected expenses.
– Premium Waiver: When the individual is diagnosed with the early stage of Cancer, they do not have to bother paying the future premiums. The cancer insurance policy allows a premium waiver of 5 years or the remaining policy term, whichever is shorter.
– Monthly Income: The insurance policy gives an option to receive monthly income for 5 policy years if the life insured is diagnosed with a major cancer stage. The benefit amount will be equal to 1% of the sum assured. In case if the policyholder dies during these 5 years, the nominee will continue to receive the income benefit.
– Grace Period: In most cases, when the life insured and the family is occupied in arranging the best class of treatment, they might miss the policy renewal date. The policy comes with a grace period of 30 days. The benefit of the policy will continue for this duration. But even after this period, if the life insured cannot pay the premium, the policy will lapse. However, the lapsed policy can also be reinstated within 5 years from the first unpaid premium due date.
If the policy’s benefits attract you, it is time you think of owning a cancer insurance protection plan. You don’t need to contract the disease. But having an insurance policy can prevent the family’s savings from draining in the name of expenses. Some of the cancer protection plans in India that you can consider include:
Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance- ABSLI Cancer Shield Plan
– ICICI Heart/Cancer Protect Cover
– HDFC Life Cancer Care
If the products confuse you, the best way to choose a suitable cover will be asking from an insurance advisor.


Cancer is a disease that no one wants to talk about. Everyone fears it because battling the disease is mentally painful. Moreover, it takes away most of your savings. Though the government has arranged for free cancer care and treatment, not all are able to afford or avail of it. This is why individuals can think of buying a cancer protection plan. For more details on why you should have cancer insurance, read here.