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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): IKEA India installs 10KW solar powered electricity generating system at Bengaluru school

Bengaluru, India: With an aim of focusing on sustainability and creating a good neighbourhood for community and people, IKEA India has installed a 10KW solar-powered electricity generating system and paint the wall of Bagalagunte Government Higher Primary School in Nagasandra, Bengaluru today.
IKEA India’s focus on sustainability and community engagements reflects in their initiatives of being a good neighbour to the community and positively impact as many people as possible around the stores. In line with ongoing efforts, IKEA India has conducted the community project at Bagalagunte Government Higher Primary School near IKEA Nagasandra store which has 800+ students, out of which more than 85% reside in Nagasandra.
IKEA is installing solar-powered electricity generating system at the school to maximise the use of renewable energy, that will help the school to generate electricity and support students to afford the basic rights of education. IKEA intends to install a 72-cell solar module structure, a solar PCU glow power system with MPPT technology, solar batteries, and solar panels as part of this project.
The CSR initiative is a part of IKEA’s Sustainability Strategy, People and Planet Positive approach. The project shall support the school to improve the electricity supply as well as inspire students to cut down on carbon emissions. The project is also aimed at creating awareness regarding healthy and sustainable living, being climate positive. With the help of local volunteers IKEA has also painted the wall with some local art with the aim of creating more functional experience for the kids.
Anje Heim, Market Manager, IKEA India, said on this initiative, “We, at IKEA, are constantly looking forward towards a sustainable future for ourselves and the earth. Our ambition is to become a climate positive business by 2030. Installing the solar system is another important and sustainable step towards a healthy and sustainable living along with being climate positive. The effort will help us look at a climate friendly mindset of the business and create a good neighborhood for our people as well to inspire students to adopt environment friendly measures.”
IKEA is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and climate-friendly living. Through this activity, the company hope to raise awareness of the benefits of using renewable energy sources, which encourages and enables individuals to live sustainably and cut back on carbon emissions. IKEA co-workers will participate in the implementation because they are the sustainability ambassadors and help IKEA meets its commitment to involve the community for 1000 hours.
IKEA has partnered with SELCO India for this initiative. Over 450,000 solar power systems for the underprivileged have been deployed by SELCO. SELCO views energy access as an underlying precondition to catalyze progress related to health, education, livelihoods, financial inclusion and so on leading to overall improvement in quality of life.


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