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organic food

CSR: Farce of Labelled Organic Food

“I consume only organic food”, said Rithika, a homemaker staying in the posh locality of South Delhi. India imitates the west to meet the needs of its growing population by implementing the Green Revolution. India’s food production saw rapid gains by usage of high yielding variety (HYV) seeds, tractors, irrigation facilities, pesticides, and fertilizers....

Why are PSUs spending 80% of CSR funds in mining areas?

Noting that over INR 15,500 crore was disbursed to states for projects under District Mineral Foundation (DMF), a parliamentary panel has asked the government to review mandatory provision of spending 80% of CSR funds by companies in mining areas to avoid overlapping. DMF has been set up in states under a mining Act to implement...
Migratory birds in Kutch

CSR to Prevent the Decline of Migratory Birds

India has been a favourite destination for migratory birds. However, over the past few years, their numbers have been reducing because of poaching, wetland pollution and habitat loss. Little Rann of Kutch hosts about 300 critically endangered species of migratory birds each year. The desert which houses several rare mammals is suffering from drought for...
solar in agriculture

CSR: Using Solar in Agriculture

According to a report published by Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research in 2012, one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture. With increasing population, the demand for food production is rising. In such circumstances, the farmers will need to switch to more clean energy technology for agriculture and food production. Solar energy is...
Food wastage and SDG

CSR: Food wastage and the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs in short) emphasize both increasing food security and reducing stress on natural resources. Reducing food loss and food wastage can make a critical contribution to these broad goals. SDG 12 focuses specifically on sustainable consumption and production patterns; SDG target 12.3 calls for halving global food wastage at the retail and...
CSR spending in thematic areas

Are CSR projects and spends aligned with thematic areas?

According to Census 2011 undertaken by the Government of India, 6% of the nation’s population resides in slums, amounting to more than 7 crore people, which is a significant number. People living in slum areas face multiple challenges, ranging from insufficient living area to lack of access to drinking water, and require assistance through...
nutrition in medical studies

CSR to Include Nutrition Studies in Medical Education

Proper nutrition plays a key role in disease prevention and treatment. Many patients understand this link and look to physicians for guidance diet and physical activity. Actual physician practice, however, is often inadequate in addressing the nutrition aspects of diseases such as cancer, obesity, and diabetes. Physicians do not feel comfortable, confident, or adequately...
food waste

CSR: Food waste makes a global mess

Food waste is a global problem from every point of view, as it involves every step of the food supply chain and leaves nearly one billion people hungry and, in many cases, deprived of their land. Food waste has reached frightening proportions: one third of all food produced in the world is wasted. In the...

CSR: Tips for protection from winter allergies and air pollution

Like every year, air quality in the city has started dipping with the advent of winter. The ambient level of air pollution is oscillating, at times exceeding the safety limits for key air pollutants that pose health risks to people. The problem has aggravated due to lack of breeze allowing pollutants to remain static, emissions...
off the grid

CSR: Living Off The Grid Way

In today’s world where everyone leads a symbiotic life, considering to live off the grid sounds like an impossible faraway dream. However, this dream can be easily real. 50 kilometres away from a bustling city of Bangalore lives the Janardhan family. Once a city-dwelling couple moved to the suburbs 6 years ago in a farmhouse...
road safety of children

CSR: Road safety of children

In a country where a life is lost every four minutes in a road accident, inculcating sensible road behaviour in school children is necessary to make them responsible citizens. To address the issue of road safety of children at the formative ages, workshops were initiated by the employees of ICICI Lombard who were engaged as...
solar energy

CSR: The Rise of Solar in India

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the amount of solar energy that falls on the surface of the earth in one day is more than what 6.1 billion people can use in 27 years. This shows that solar energy can prove to be the most efficient way of environment conservation. Recognising the potential...

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