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Free pet food for pet parents who suffered from Covid-19

MARS Petcare is launching a Covid-19 relief campaign to stop pet parents from abandoning their cats and dogs in such bleak times. MARS Petcare will be providing a sufficient supply of Pedigree (for dogs) or Whiskas (for cats) food products free of cost for 14 days to pet parents who have been tested positive for Covid-19.
The campaign will be aired on the brands Pedigree and Whiskas’ social media handles. Covid-19 tested positive pet parents would need to apply for the same by signing up through Google Forms that will be made available for a period of three days on the social media handles. The activation began on 25th May, 2021 and would be taking place for the cities Mumbai and Hyderabad.
Ganesh Ramani, General Manager, MARS Petcare said: “India has been going through a very difficult phase. Amidst the current scenario, we are trying to help positively tested pet parents to get through the chaos and provide proper nutrition to their pets at proper intervals by distributing manufactured pet food to them. At MARS Petcare, we believe in creating a better world for pets and will be launching this campaign in order to provide good health and wellbeing to the furry voiceless companions. In such tough times, MARS Petcare looks forward to supporting pet owners and sharing the responsibility of providing good nutrition to them irrespective of the situation.”

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