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Adopt indie pets at 3-day virtual adoption drive in Mumbai

The pandemic not only saw a rise in requests on social media from rescuers, shelters, NGOs, and other individuals to share adoption appeals but also in the number of aspirant pet parents looking for pets to adopt. Mars Petcare and Petsy with its virtual pet adoption portal brings together both these stakeholders together and promotes Indie pet adoption.
Pet nutrition brand Mars Petcare has partnered with Petsy, an online speciality pet store for an Indie pet adoption drive in Mumbai.

The three-day campaign starting 25th October 2021 will be about celebrating adoption by sharing the stories of pet parents who have adopted Indies and are also breaking the stigma that Indies only equals dogs, but it also includes cats and should be more broadly considered.

Interested pet parents can look at the pets for adoption on Petsy’s virtual pet adoption centre.
Talking about this pet adoption drive, Ganesh Ramani, Managing Director, Mars Petcare India said, “There is a preconceived notion towards Indie breeds and we at Mars Petcare are trying to create more awareness and acceptance for them in the society. From pet adoption drives, heath camps, vaccination drives, stray feeding to thought leadership seminars; Mars Petcare has been undertaking many such initiatives for pet care in India. Together we look forward to creating an ecosystem where all pets are wanted, welcome and cared for.”
Petsy Co-founders Sinal Shah and Veer Shah said, “Adoption is something to be celebrated, it is a celebration of giving an animal a chance of a lifetime of happiness and love. Interestingly when we asked a few people what Indies meant to them, the first thought that comes to mind is street dogs. We want to work to break this stigma and make sure that equally include cats and give these animals a chance to find their forever home.”

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