Home Press Release CSR: Over 200 residents participated in Tata Chemicals Hospitals’ Health Camp

CSR: Over 200 residents participated in Tata Chemicals Hospitals’ Health Camp

Tata Chemicals Hospital successfully conducted a significant health camp focusing on oncology and cardiology consultations and medical advice, reaffirming its commitment to community well-being. This free camp was organized on June 16, witnessing participation from more than 200 residents of Mithapur and nearby villages.
A comprehensive range of medical services was offered by the hospital during the camp. While the expert oncologist examined 18 patients, and cardiologist examined 60 patients, there was also a general surgeon and M.D. physician who each examined 60 and 70 patients respectively. The camp also provided free lab investigations, ECG, 2D echo screenings, and diagnostic check-ups.
Dr. S. Bhatnagar, Chief Health and Wellness Officer at Tata Chemicals Hospital, commented on the enthusiastic response from the locals, stating, “The active participation of residents at the health camp highlights the importance of such crucial initiatives. For over 75 years, through our hospital, it has been our constant endeavour to support the health needs of the communities dwelling around us.”
The success of this camp perfectly reflects Tata Chemicals Hospitals’ commitment to delivering accessible and quality healthcare. In continuation of this health & wellness initiative, Tata Chemicals Hospital will next host a blood donation drive in the third week of July.
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