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films driving social change

CSR: Role Of Films In Driving Social Change

Films have evolved over time from being just an art form to being a medium that has a potential to influence others. In 2009, across major territories and cities, there were over 6.8 billion cinema admissions worldwide. In India, there were 2000 multiplexes as of 2015 and 2.2 billion movie tickets were sold as...
Waterless Cosmetics

CSR: Reducing Water Usage In Cosmetics Industry

World going through water crisis is not breaking news. In times when water could end up turning into a luxury, the cosmetics and personal care industry is turning to waterless products. Water or Aqua is the first ingredient in majority of the cosmetics or personal care products which accounts to almost 70% to 80% of...
air pollution

CSR: Air Pollution Damaging Cognitive Performance

According to the World Health Organisation, about seven million people die every year due to air pollution. In 2016, air pollution accounted for 4.2 million deaths across the globe. 91% of global population live in places where the air quality exceeds the WHO standards. According to a new study, persistent exposure to air pollution impacts...
Healthcare sakhis

CSR: Promoting Healthcare In Rural India

Healthcare and sanitation is a right to everyone. But because of lack of infrastructure, awareness and professionals, it is not accessible to about 60% of the population in India. About 70% of the population are living in rural areas in the country. With lack of healthcare and sanitation in these areas, the mortality rates...
Soccer Tournament for a cause

CSR: Soccer Tournament For A Cause

Sports have always known to work like a perfect facilitator of healthy upbringing for a child or healthy living for an adult. The physical benefits of sports are numerous. However, the mental benefits are as impressive. It has been found out in many studies that playing sports often act as a stress reliever. It...
glaciers melting due to climate change

CSR: Climate Change And The Melting Glaciers

It has been recently reported that the south peak of the Sweden’s Kebnekaise mountain has lost its title of the highest point in the country to the north peak because of global warming. The south peak covered with glacier was measured at 2,101 meters above sea level on July 2. It lost 4 meters...
woman illtreated in Bihar

CSR: A Woman Illtreated In Public In Bihar

A woman in Bihar was allegedly stripped, thrashed, and paraded naked in Bihiya, a small town in Bhojpur district, by a mob on a murder suspicion. The said woman was seen with the deceased 16-year-old Vimlesh Sav, before his body was recovered near the railway tracks. The woman has denied all the allegations against...
biomedical waste in india

CSR: Tackling The Biomedical Waste In India

World Health Organisation has defined Biomedical waste as ‘Waste generated from hospitals, nursing homes, blood banks and veterinary institutions, including syringes, bandages, amputated body parts and other human and animal bio-waste generated during medical treatment and research.’ Sanitary pads are also categorised under bio medical waste. Waste generated by healthcare activities can often be hazardous....
Floods in India

CSR: Fighting The Floods

Natural calamity has struck India yet again in form of floods this monsoon season. As reported by the Times of India, Home Ministry data showed that about 774 people have died in seven states in India during the monsoon season so far. Apart from these, at least 27 people are missing and 245 others...
Manual scavenging in India

CSR: Manual Scavenging in India

Manual Scavenging is the inhuman practice which involves cleaning of human excreta without any personal protective equipment with shoddy tools and most of the times involves handling with bare hands. The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and Their Rehabilitation Act, 2013” was passed by the central government. This act prohibits the employment of manual...
India - Sone ki Chidiya

CSR: India – A ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’

India is a developing country today. However, few centuries ago, it was nicknamed as ‘Sone ki chidiya’. It had everything including agriculture, minerals, nature, intellect and beauty. India was known to be the wealthiest country in the world. In the 1500s, India held about 24.5% of the share in world trade, which was equal to...
eco ganesha

CSR: Embracing The Eco Ganesha

Ganesha festival is celebrated across India with high fervour. The festival is often more than just a celebration in several communities. The statue of Lord Ganesha is often booked way in advance, and after the festival ends it is immersed in water bodies. This is why it is very important to know what materials...

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