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Traffic in India

Traffic Police Department uses Humour to Make Citizens Responsible in India

Driving on Indian roads is a nightmare. People who have driven anywhere else other than India understand this more so because they realize the error in their ways.  India has 2% of motor vehicles in the world, but it is responsible for more than 11% of road traffic deaths. When you compare numbers of...

Online Learning in Sign Language

Digitization has democratized the education system and skill development in the country. It has enabled everyone to learn any skill or subject from the best of the teachers for free, or at a very nominal cost. This is a huge step towards solving the employability issue in the country. However, the problem persists for...
Manual Scavenging in India

Manual Scavenging – A Law Without Enforcement

“In no country, people are sent to gas chambers to die,” remarked the Supreme Court of India in September 2019 regarding manual scavenging in India. Four to five people lose their lives every month in the country in manual scavenging. On this World Day of Social Justice, let us understand everything about Manual scavenging...
Organic Farming India

Growth of Organic Farming in the World

Organic farming has been growing rapidly in its stature in the last decade. The disadvantages of chemical farming such as soil pollution, environment pollution, diseases to the farmers, poor health of consumers of inorganic food, and so on have increased the popularity and demand of organic articles in the market. According to a survey, which...

CSR: Five Corporates Enabling Convenient and Sustainable Commute

TomTom's traffic index ranks Bengaluru as number 1 for the world's worst traffic. Bengaluru has a congestion level of 71%. Congestion reflects the additional or extra time taken to travel because of a traffic jam. An average commuter in Bangalore loses 243 hours a year stuck in congestion. Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi also feature...
Carbon Emissions to Fuel

A New Discovery that Converts Carbon Emissions into Fuel

The debate between development and environment is never-ending, especially for a fast developing country like India. It has been taken for granted development and environment are contradictory. Because development requires the use of fuel which increases carbon emissions and in turn cause harm to the environment. And if one chooses environment over development, the...
Homosexual Couple

Celebrate All Forms of Love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day of love. We do not need a special day to express love for our partners. But we could use the day to accept all forms of love and to show love to the disadvantaged sections of the society. De-criminalization of homosexuality in India has brought a certain relief to homosexual...
Businesses of future

Seven Things Businesses Need To Do To Insure Their Future

It is very easy to think, “I know how it works. It has worked like this for years!” Ignoring the up-gradation of a business model considering the high expenses today could cost a lot more tomorrow. Climate activism is increasing by the day. The consumers today are bent towards associating themselves with brands that...
National Deworming Day

India observing National Deworming Day

February 10 and August 10 are observed as the National Deworming Days (NDD) in India every year since 2015. It was initiated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in order to work towards eradicating intestinal worms also known as Soil-Transmitted Helminths (STH), among children in the age group of 1-19 years. NDD is the largest public health program implemented on...

Safer Internet Day 2020 – Four Ways to Promote Cybersecurity

Safer Internet Day is celebrated in around 150 countries across the world. The day aims to create a safer and better internet, where everybody is able to use technology responsibly, respectfully, creatively and critically. The theme of the Safer Internet Day 2020 is “together for a better internet”. Importance of Safer Internet Day in 2020 India...
Joaquin Phoenix

CSR: Climate Action at The Oscars

Climate change has grabbed the attention of many celebrities, who utilize every opportunity or platform they get to speak about it. Oscars has been one of the significant platforms where the academy winners use their fame to talk about issues that are important to them. Leonardo Dicaprio's Speech on Climate Action at Oscars 2016 It was...
Women Working

India Ranks 117th in Women, Business and the Law 2020 Report

A country can never achieve its full potential without the equal participation of women and men. Achieving gender equality is not only the right thing to do but it is also good for a country’s economic growth and development. However, this does not always materialise. Gender inequality is prevailing globally. One of the major reasons...

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