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National Education Day: Five Bollywood Films that Expose Flaws in the Indian Education System

National Education Day is observed in India on November 11 each year to commemorate Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, who served as the country’s first education minister following independence. The purpose of National Education Day is to improve and advance the country’s educational system for students. On this National Education Day, let us look at five Bollywood Films that expose the flaws in the existing education system in India.

Three Idiots

Three Idiots is a Satirical film that exposes the flawed perception of success in education. The movie challenges the stereotypical mindset about the importance of scoring high grades rather than being original and creative to secure a well-paying job and thus succeed in life. In addition, the film also addresses other issues that taint the education system of India, such as numerous suicides committed by students and ragging by seniors.
The film conveys that it is not necessary to follow a traditional career path that has been decided for students by their guardians or teachers to succeed in life. It states that as long as you follow your passion and achieve excellence in it, you will not have to chase success – rather, success will be an inevitable outcome.

Hindi Medium

Hindi Medium is a humourous yet tragic and eye-opening satire on the Indian education system. The film’s story is about young parents – Raj and Mita, who want the best possible education for their daughter. However, getting admission to the best private schools in the country is not very easy. Therefore, the family resorts to desperate unethical measures to secure admission for their daughter to one of these schools. The film exposes the flawed admission process and the inequality faced by students from underprivileged sections while getting admitted to such private schools.


 Aarakshan is a socio-political film about India’s divisive policy of the caste-based reservation system. The film’s story revolves around the decision by the Supreme Court of India, which created a rift between students and staff at a college in Bhopal. With roles including a member of the Dalit community and a high-caste Brahmin, the film portrays both perspectives on the caste reservation policy in the country.

Why Cheat India

Why Cheat India is an underrated film that talks about the exam pressures that students have to face and how students that are not well-prepared for the same use doppelgangers to cheat the system in exchange for money. The film shows how the education system in India is infested with corruption and how everything is possible to achieve at a price.
The film’s story is about a man that helps affluent students get into their desired colleges. He does this by paying poor, intelligent students to write exams on behalf of these wealthy students.

Chal Chalein

The film ‘Chal Chalein’ openly criticises the Indian educational system, which is thought to subject kids to academic pressure and frequently results in serious psychological issues. It tells the story of a student who commits suicide, unable to take parental and societal pressure to perform well in school. His friends, heartbroken at losing their friend, get the help of a lawyer and decide to sue his parents, the school system and the government. The film highlights the plight of school-going children with different talents who cannot pursue them because of the extreme pressures and demands of school and coursework. The film conveys that education is meant to enlighten students, not pressurise or traumatise them.