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International Yoga Day 2023: How to heal back pain and stress with easy to do asanas and pranayamas

Are you a corporate professional? Stressed about meeting your weekly deadlines and monthly targets? Are you sitting on your office chair for longer hours every day? Don’t have time to workout? The results are often stress, anxiety, back pain, stiffness of the muscles and several far more serious long term consequences.
Did you know you can be a lot more comfortable at your workplace just by following some simple breathing techniques and doing a few kinds of stretching?
Kolkata-based Yoga expert Maitrayee Bhowmick, who has been practicing Yoga since the last 23 years, demonstrates how to perform quick and easy stretching at workplace and some easy to follow asanas and pranayamas which can be performed daily at home. These are simple, easy to follow asanas which will keep you fit and healthy.



Maitrayee is the CEO and founder of online fitness brand ‘The Agile soul’ which is functioning since 2020. She is a certified Yoga teacher, K11 certified gym trainer as well as a sports nutritionist.
On World Yoga Day 2023, Yoga expert Maitrayee demonstrates the Surya Namaskar and the Cat-camel posture for The CSR Journal’s viewers. She also performs a few easy to follow breathing techniques to beat stress and anxiety and stay happier at work! Check out the above video to learn the quick and easy asanas for a healthier and fitter start to your day.