Akshay Kumar in support of the Niine Movement

Initiative supports menstrual hygiene movement

The Niine Movement is an ambitious 5-year plan that aims to tackle the taboos associated with menstruation by engaging all genders and ages to step forward and join hands to promote the importance of menstrual hygiene awareness. The Niine Movement was launched on 28th May 2018 with the Menstrual Awareness Conclave. The movement is supported...

Reaching out to 10 million in remote villages

PRADAN, a non-profit organization that has been working to remove poverty and inequality in the most remote villages, announced the new goal of helping positively impact the lives of 10 million people in remote areas improve their own circumstances by working with them to build self-help groups. This is likely to be realized by creating...
Help me serve

‘HelpMeServe.in’- a digital initiative for a social cause

‘Help Me Serve’ (www.helpmeserve.in) is a digital crowdfunding platform that will help serve society and unprivileged section of the society. The website is launched by the Wockhardt Foundation, in association with like minded NGOs such as Desire Society (Hyderabad), Seruds India (Andhra Pradesh) and Blind People's Association (Ahmedabad) among others, to work together for helping...

Anytime Anywhere School for widespread education

India’s vision to be a world leader in the 21st century can only be realised with a robust education system. Vikas Kakwani has launched AAS Vidyalaya- Anytime Anywhere School, a platform that brings an entire school on the phone. AAS Vidyalaya is a virtual school, built for millions of students who cannot go to school, in...

Suyam Charitable Trust

Suyam, a charitable trust, mainly focus on holistic quality education for first generation learners and initiatives stimulate the organisation to create various research tools for its school in and around Palavedu Panchayat, Tiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu. Suyam has initiated several other programmes impacting over 500 families, in their attempts to safeguard and empower the...

Study Mall, Maharashtra

Thinksharp Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation started in 2011.  The Project - StudyMall provides both academic and non-academic educational infra-structure to rural children. This helps the children in their better education. Rural education system in India is inadequate compare to urban education, Thinksharp Foundation team all come from rural areas and are very much aware of this problem. There...

PIFA Foundation For The Benefit Of Sports

If Brazil, with a similar socio-economic background to India, can be world champions in football, why can’t we? The PIFA Foundation Back in the 1960s, Mumbai and Colaba, in particular, was a hotbed of sporting talent. Fast-forward to the present, and the rapid development of the area means that the local kolis (fishermen) are pushed to...

Support Young Women For Menstrual Hygiene

IDF’s Project Hygiene 12 addresses how to tackle the problem of menstrual hygiene management in girls in India

Ration Service For Poor Senior Citizens

A monthly basket of basic provisions for the very poor senior citizens. Households headed by senior citizen have a poverty ratio of 20.0% as per the estimate of the Planning Commission. India has very little social security in place for senior citizens. Pension coverage is as low as 11% of the entire workforce. About 65%...

Loneliness Mitigation Services to The Elderly

Dignity Foundation, an NGO works for the cause of senior citizen in India.

Sports in Autism

A short film on autism. For any suggestions please add a comment share it with as many friends as you can.

Dementia Day Care Center

Dignity Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that has been working for the cause of senior citizens for over 19 years.

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