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‘HelpMeServe.in’- a digital initiative for a social cause

Help me serve

‘Help Me Serve’ (www.helpmeserve.in) is a digital crowdfunding platform that will help serve society and unprivileged section of the society. The website is launched by the Wockhardt Foundation, in association with like minded NGOs such as Desire Society (Hyderabad), Seruds India (Andhra Pradesh) and Blind People’s Association (Ahmedabad) among others, to work together for helping serve the unprivileged section of the society, thus making a big impact.

‘Help Me Serve’ will raise funds through micro donations which will be voluntary donations made to help serve the needy section.

On the new initiative Sir Dr. Huz (Sir Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala), Trustee & CEO of Wockhardt Foundation said, “Help Me Serve will create a big impact as many like minded people will work together for the benefit of society. This will create a greater impact in improving the social status and serve various causes which affect quality of life and thought in the society.”

The initiative will serve various causes related to Health, Education, Water & Sanitation, Skills & Livelihood, Children & Elderly, Rural Development and Environment. The donors can select options among the mentioned causes that they are concerned and would like to donate to improve the condition.

To know more and contribute to the project you can mail us at editor@thecsrjournal.in