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Suyam Charitable Trust


Suyam, a charitable trust, mainly focus on holistic quality education for first generation learners and initiatives stimulate the organisation to create various research tools for its school in and around Palavedu Panchayat, Tiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu. Suyam has initiated several other programmes impacting over 500 families, in their attempts to safeguard and empower the lives – and act as a voice – of the nomadic tribes, part of our society.

Siragu Montessori School

The Siragu Montessori School provides education from Lower Kinder Garten to 12th grade to children from families with a past background in begging, scavenging, farming, pig farming, manufacturing or working in brick kilns for generations.

At Siragu, students are encouraged to learn and express themselves independently, and thus bring out their inherent potentials. In a child-centred and child-friendly school, the organisation aims to recognise these children and recognise their emotions. Simultaneously, learning and identifying his or her potential.

Curriculum Taught at Siragu Montessori School:

  • A children-friendly environment, where there is freedom to think and act
  • Innovation education concepts and teaching techniques
  • Opportunities for site visits to expose children and provide experience
  • World Peace Prayer, Yoga and Meditation, as part of their daily routine
  • El Developed innovative education concept and written our own books El
  • Climate, Health & Hygiene, Agriculture, Human Anatomy and Kitchen
  • Children go for village visits, visits to panchayat office, nearest post office and gain practical knowledge about their learning

Bharathamatha Nursery & Primary School

Suyam Trust, through Barathamatha Primary School, endures to provide a friendly and compassionate atmosphere to children. Through various student-friendly educational methods, Suyam tries to ensure there is a growing enthusiasm in students; not only to prevent dropouts in Secondary Education but also to instil interest to pursue Higher Education.

To prevent Child Labour and drop outs in corporation schools in Chennai, Suyam:

  • Conducts Nadaipathai Pookkal Program for rag pickers and street children (and their parents/caregivers)
  • Conducts free tuition centres in and around Chennai
  • Adopted corporation middle school, Amman Koil Street
  • Conducts educational and awareness programs in corporation high and higher secondary schools in Chennai
  • Provides monetary support for higher education for ‘deserving’ students

You can find additional details about Suyam’s activities and initiatives http://www.suyam.org/Activities.htm#

If you are interested in extending your support for Suyam, visit: http://www.suyam.org/Donate.htm