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Distant Healing Saves Lives

Heart of India project

Health projects have been on the priority list of the government of India, but due to lack of infrastructure and willingness of qualified doctors to work in the villages, the projects have not the shown the desired results. The “Heart of India” project by Dr Anantpal Singh attempts to fill this gap. “We provide ‘primary health care services’ to communities in rural areas where people are deprived of quality healthcare and correct diagnosis due to shortage of qualified and experienced doctors, via technologies which are closest to them,” says the leading physician and entrepreneur. He has served in various rural and urban clinics in Maharashtra for the past 23 years, and has established a massive patient following on account of his excellent diagnostic skills and round-the-clock availability.

His enterprise Spectrum Health Solutions utilises an amalgamation between technology and man-managed clinics. Appointed and trained personnel (who are called champions) connect with the people face to face and subsequently connect them with the panel of doctors online. Each clinic caters to approximately 2,000-5,000 people from villages in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Says Dr Singh, “We have managed to successfully treat more than 2,500 patients through the Heart of India project for free or at subsidised rates. We have also issued health cards to some of the patients and their family members through which they can get medicines and diagnosis at discounted rates and which we wish to integrate with CSR initiatives, government schemes and insurance schemes.”

On the anvil of Spectrum Health Solutions are fully-equipped “centralised cluster clinics” which would cater to the requirements of 7 to 10 individual clinics for medicine supplies, diagnostic care and ambulances. Says Dr Singh, “After the Green Revolution and the IT Revolution, in the coming years, we envisage a Health Revolution that will be ushered in with the help of CSR funding. To diagnose correctly and save lives, we are looking for partners / sponsors for these modern clinics. Donors could also help in sponsoring medicines, investigation, immunization and various health education programmes.”

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