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Anytime Anywhere School for widespread education


India’s vision to be a world leader in the 21st century can only be realised with a robust education system. Vikas Kakwani has launched AAS Vidyalaya- Anytime Anywhere School, a platform that brings an entire school on the phone. AAS Vidyalaya is a virtual school, built for millions of students who cannot go to school, in order to bring the school to them.

According to Census Data, 8.4 crore Indian children don’t attend school. On the other hand, India currently has a smart phone user base of over 300 million which is expected to cross 650 million by 2019. Harnessing the power of mobile technology and its reach, AAS Vidyalaya is a comprehensive user friendly app, built to fortify education- the backbone of the country’s growth and development. The app has been designed on Android platform and is easily available on Google Play store.

“The idea is to create a virtual school available for everyone- a school ‘For the People, By the People’”, says Vikas Kakwani Founder and CEO of AAS vidyalaya.

Instead of bringing children to the school AAS gets the school to the children- Students can attend school from anywhere and teachers can work from home, while parents can seamlessly monitor day-to-day progress of the students. AAS has been launched for secondary education with CBSE curriculum, while the plan is to add other boards soon.

A revolutionary idea to bring continuing education to people who need it, AAS Vidyalaya has been recognised as a Changemaker by Global Action on Poverty (GAP) for 2017.

To know more about AAS and contribute to the project visit http://www.vidyalaya.org.in/