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Is Political Expression a Part of Corporate Social Responsibility?

According to a study by Clutch, 45% of employees say their company has a policy or guidelines regarding political expression in the workplace. Does limiting political discussion in the workplace, though, have a negative effect on a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR)? Corporate social responsibility in India can influence people’s perceptions of your company and...

How to Structure CSR Initiatives for Your Company

A recent survey from Clutch found that most people want companies from all industries to make corporate social responsibility (CSR) a priority. Whether it’s food, fashion, technology, beauty, or another industry, consumers expect companies to act responsibly and charitably in alignment with the goods and services they produce. For example, the majority of consumers feel that...

How CSR Can Impact Your Online Reputation

People expect companies across many industries to commit to corporate social responsibility (CSR). When asked which industries should commit to CSR, respondents answered: Food retailers (70%) Technology (70%) Fashion (65%) Health and beauty (64%) Restaurant (62%) In this article, we will explore how CSR can strengthen your company’s online reputation. We will also take a look at...
Business Ethics

Why a Company’s Ethics Matter

Corporate ethics are key to satisfying a company’s stakeholders. Both consumers and employees place increasing emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and expect businesses to act accordingly. A recent survey from Clutch shows that 75% of people consider a company's values when deciding to shop there for the first time. To attract and retain customers, brands must...
CSR Jobs

How CSR Impacts Recruiting Efforts

Jobs that provide a sense of integrity are increasingly valued. As corporate social responsibility (CSR) surges into the mainstream, people want jobs that help them feel like they’re making an impact. According to a recent survey from Clutch, 72% of employees believe that their employer is making the world a better place. Businesses must emphasize...
CSR and PR

How to Integrate CSR Into Your Public Relations Strategy

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasingly central to a company’s reputation. Hence, businesses must integrate CSR into their public relations (PR) strategy to achieve success. According to a recent survey from Clutch, most people expect businesses in every industry to commit to CSR. To be effective, however, CSR efforts must appear to emanate from a...

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