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tree saplings - ICICI Prudential AMC

ICICI Prudential AMC Plants 50,000 Saplings on Behalf of ESG Fund Investors

ICICI Prudential AMC (Asset Management Company) has decided to take the cause of ESG further on behalf of its investors. The company has contributed to plant over 50,000 saplings, equivalent to the number of investors that opted for investing into ICICI Prudential ESG Fund during the New Fund Offer period. Going forward, for every new...
K.C. College Solar urja project

K.C. College Initiates Solar Energy Project in Palghar

K.C. College, Mumbai, one of the constituent colleges of the HSNC University cluster recently inaugurated the Solar Urja Project in Maharashtra’s Palghar district. The NSS Unit of the college has been the driving force behind this mega initiative in lieu to support the academic institutions that are economically backward and face obstacles in providing education. Under...
climate action 100+

Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Becomes Signatory to Climate Action 100+

Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited (KMAMC) today announced that, on 12th January, 2021, it has become a signatory to Climate Action 100+. Climate Action 100+ is an investor-led initiative to ensure the world’s largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters take necessary action on climate change. In April 2018, KMAMC became the first domestic asset management company...
Prince Charles - Terra Carta

CSR News: Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd. pledges support to Prince Charles’ recovery plan, Terra Carta

In an endeavour to participate in building future of industry and future of economy through focus on Nature, People and Planet, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd., a subsidiary of Dalmia Bharat Limited has pledged support to His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, for the newly launched green initiative Terra Carta, a sustainable roadmap to 2030 for businesses to...
air pollution - Lancet

Air pollution in India contributed to 1.67 million deaths, says Lancet report

Air pollution in India resulted 1.67 million deaths in 2019 – the largest pollution-related death toll in any country in the world – and also accounted for $36.8 billion in economic losses, according to a new study led by researchers from the Global Observatory on Pollution and Health at Boston College, the Indian Council...

Henkel CSR Contributes to Circular Economy and Climate Protection

Henkel has reached a milestone in its engagement for sustainable packaging: The company used almost 700 million bottles made of 100% recycled plastics for Laundry & Home Care products in Europe – more than 400 million alone in 2020. The recycled material stems from post-consumer waste, including Social Plastic from Henkel’s partnership with the Plastic...
ITC renewable

ITC aims to meet 100% of electrical energy needs from renewable sources by 2030

ITC Limited, one of India’s leading multi-business conglomerates, has set itself the target to meet 100% of purchased grid electricity requirements from renewable sources by 2030. In line with its philosophy of ‘Responsible Competitiveness’, the company has adopted a low carbon growth strategy which encompasses a large renewable energy footprint. At present ITC meets over...
perception of ESG

COVID-19 Changing the Perception of ESG Among Indians

ESG or Environmental, Social and Governance has been gaining prominence with global conglomerates in the past decade. However, Indian firms were procrastinating on ESG reporting. Although it goes hand in hand with the principles of responsible business and corporate social responsibility, the perception of ESG was that of a prestige product. Such notions are...

Global Sustainability Report: Audi’s Vision of Carbon-Neutral Mobility

The Audi Group, with its brands Audi, Lamborghini and Ducati, is one of the most successful manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles in the premium segment. Together with the Volkswagen Group, Audi was one of the first companies to commit itself to the goals of the Paris Agreement. In the long term, it is pursuing...
Circular Economy

Circular Economy: The Way Forward for Post-COVID Recovery

2021 is set to be a year of recovery and rebuilding what broke in the previous year. In this year, India will need to not only work towards reviving its economy but also do it in a manner that is sustainable and environment-friendly. The new year is set to be an important year for environment...
Tata Steel water management

Tata Steel awarded the CII National Award for Excellence in Water Management 2020

Tata Steel received dual recognition at the 14th edition of CII National Award for Excellence in Water Management 2020 for its continuous efforts and commitment to water sustainability. Tata Steel Jamshedpur plant has been honoured with excellence in water management in ‘Within the Fence’ category. The CRM Bara Pond Project at Jamshedpur, East Singhbhum,...
floating wind technology

Global Commercial Players in Floating Wind Technology

Offshore wind has enormous potential and is expected to play a big role in future energy mix. However, 80% of the world’s offshore wind resource potential lies in waters deeper than 60 metres. To fully harvest the global offshore wind potential and expedite the energy transition and maintain a 1.5°C pathway in line with...

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