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Partnerships that Enable Impact at Scale

“Are you implementing a local / specific solution or are you willing to subsume your approach in a collaborative approach?” “Do we work with governments or do we create a parallel delivery mechanism?” “When do we build a solution ground up and when do we adapt from other similar projects?” “Is your mandate limited by...
plastic waste

2018 recap of CSR projects to manage plastic waste in India

Waste is a big environmental challenge, for companies across the board. Leading Indian companies recognise waste management as a key issue. Plastic is used in various sectors such as building & construction, consumer products (such as furniture, housewares, automobiles, electronics, etc.), industrial goods (such as machines) and packaging. Packaging forms the lion share in plastic...

The lesser child of CSR

Usually when conversations happen in this country on CSR, it is often seen that the topics being discussed are community development, with programmes like education, health-care, sanitation, livelihood.... and of course, the newer kid on the block, the CSR law. It is interesting how when you expand the acronym, CSR becomes Corporate Social Responsibility,...
Project Jagriti by Nestle India

CSR Report: Nestlé India spent above 2% of average net profits

Nestle India Limited spent more than the prescribed 2% in corporate social responsibility programs in the financial year 2017-18. While the prescribed CSR expenditure as per Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 was 26.88 crore rupees, actual expenditure incurred during the year amounted to INR 26.91 crores. With its CSR Policy focus areas firmly...
Resilience in CSR

Intersection of CSR and business resilience

Most business leaders you speak to would agree that corporate social responsibility is important. Some would rattle off a long list of things they believe their company does -- from saving energy with green buildings to empowering employees with donation matching, fundraisers and volunteer work that helps charities. But is this really enough anymore? In...
Firms under scrutiny

1,000 Indian firms under scrutiny for unspent CSR funds

Companies that are holding back on their corporate social responsibility (CSR) spending and are re-routing the funds to the balance sheet could soon face the music as the government is mulling amendment to the Companies Act to make the errant firms fall in line. The new restrictions on the CSR funds will be part of...
Gateway of India

CSR report: Maharashtra receives largest amount of money for CSR

Maharashtra topped the list of states receiving the largest amount of money for CSR, followed by Gujarat and Rajasthan, while eight states saw a decline in spends, according to a report compiled by Prime Database. Inequalities reduction, national heritage, the Armed forces, sports, technology incubators and slum development were the most neglected areas when it...
House of Representatives in Manila

Philippines: House of Representatives supports the practice of CSR

The House of Representatives is not only an amalgam of zealous individuals working toward a more productive 17th Congress. The working house is also a caring house. This shows in various measures supporting the practice of corporate social responsibility in the Philippines. It also shows in the push from Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for the urgent...
CSR report by HUL

CSR Report: HUL spent 116 crore rupees on corporate social responsibility annually

HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited) has spent INR 116 crores (the sum was INR 104 crores in 2016-17) towards various schemes of Corporate Social Responsibility. The Company has a simple but clear purpose – to make sustainable living commonplace. This purpose inspires the Company’s vision to accelerate growth in the business, while reducing its environmental footprint...
CSR and millennials

CSR is critical, especially among millennials in the US

In today's tight labour market – where there is currently less than one unemployed person for each job opening – CSR is critical, especially among millennials who by 2025 will make up 75% of the workforce. These employees hope to improve the world through compassion, innovation and sustainability, with their professional lives integrated into...
Dharmendra Pradhan

Petroleum minister’s appeal to companies: Spare more than 2% of profits on CSR

Petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan urged the industry to spend up to 10% of their profit on corporate social responsibility (CSR) as this is needed to help the country develop faster. The comments come even as reports suggest that the NSE-listed companies found no takers for their CSR funds to the tune of INR 1,717 crore...

CSR spend by NSE-listed companies up by 11% in 2017-18

The Corporate Social Responsibility spend by NSE-listed companies crossed INR 10,000 crore, witnessing an increase of 11% in 2017/18. This analysis, based on 1,080 companies, was released by nseinfobase.com, which is developed and powered by PRIME Database Group, The CSR Journal reports. The average net profit of these 1,080 companies over last three years was...

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