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World Humanitarian Day 2020: Salute #RealLifeHeroes

Humanitarians make the world more livable. Many of these heroes risk their lives to protect refugees and victims of crises all over the world. Firefighters putting out forest flames, rescue workers delivering food in floods and earthquakes, doctors delivering babies in the middle of a war, or health workers going out on a limb to treat COVID-19 patients, and countless other humanitarians’ stories are being told on World Humanitarian Day 2020.
The UN General Assembly adopted August 19th as World Humanitarian Day five years after a gruesome bombing in Baghdad on 19 August 2003. The attack on a hotel killed no less than 22 humanitarian aid workers. The blast took the life of Sergio Vieira de Mello, a charismatic Brazilian UN diplomat. Much of his career was devoted to defending human rights and protecting refugees. This day pays tribute to his legacy and the work of countless humanitarian aid workers like him.

Theme of World Humanitarian Day 2020

World Humanitarian Day has a different theme every year, which puts the spotlight on a unique aspect of aid workers who are passionate about the protection and dignity of people. The theme for World Humanitarian Day 2020 is paying a tribute to real-life heroes who’ve put everything on the line in an effort to help others.
Since the pandemic is the biggest challenge to humanitarian work in every corner of the globe, the #RealLifeHeroes campaign focuses heavily on what prompts these humanitarians to do what they do despite the risks associated with COVID-19 infections. These are people who are delivering food to the needy and the hard-to-reach, sheltering young girls and boys in remote areas, volunteering in refugee camps, reaching out to the people affected by the floods in Assam and Bihar, all despite the looming threat of coronavirus.

Top humanitarian organisations in India

Among the oldest humanitarian organisations in the subcontinent is Indian Red Cross (IRCS). From disaster response in floods, droughts and earthquakes to blood donation and welfare programmes, IRCS covers a wide gamut. SEEDS (Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society) is another veteran NGO reaching out to the unseen for 25 years. It provided 3.7 million meals in the midst of the pandemic. SEEDS teams are currently engrossed in rescue and relief work for people in Assam affected by the floods. Amnesty International India is the country unit of Amnesty which defends human rights and justice for all.