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SEEDS ‘Kavach’ a Covid-19 national vaccine adoption programme targets 1 million people

In its endeavour to support the nationwide vaccination drive and the efforts of the government in the fight against the COVID-19, humanitarian organisation SEEDS (Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society) has officially launched ‘Kavach’ a Covid-19 national vaccine adoption program under its ongoing campaign #ShareTheBurden.
The formal announcement of the programme was done through an online event in the presence of Kamal Kishore, Member, National Disaster Management Authority. SEEDS initiated local efforts for vaccination since March 2021 in Delhi city. With the launch event, the programme will be carried out nationally for next 9 months to reach out to over 1 million people in Delhi-NCR, Maharashtra, Punjab, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Telangana.
Dr Manu Gupta, Co-founder, SEEDS said, “Our programme Kavach is designed to accelerate the vaccine adoption efforts across the country and that’s the only way to safeguard communities from the anticipated third wave. We are committed to reach out to the most marginalised communities that are getting left out due to various challenges and contribute to government’s efforts in ensuring Covid free clusters.”
SEEDS has established a ground force of community volunteers to work alongside frontline health workers and local health officials. All community volunteers will be trained on best practices for vaccine adoption.
Shri Krishna Vatsa, Member of National Disaster Management Authority said, “I am delighted to be part of this wonderful initiative by SEEDS. Such programs help in strengthening the momentum of the ongoing vaccination drive. We have vaccinated over 327 million people. We still have to go a very long way. To make vaccine accessible to every corner of the country, government is working on addressing the digital divide so that people with no smartphones and access to CoWin app can also be vaccinated. There is a need to identify the most vulnerable class and NGOs can play a pivotal role in doing so. Training of health workers, community workers another extremely important. These efforts of SEEDS will help in augmenting the nationwide vaccination campaign. We are together in this very important drive as vaccination is the only way out to beat Covid-19.”

Under the campaign, training and support to health workers will be done for better handling of COVID situations. Apart from this, community meetings will be organised to promote awareness, prevention, and sensitisation of COVID-19 best practices.

SEEDS will identify blind spots where a large segment of local communities have not been vaccinated and hold meetings with community leaders and stakeholders for vaccination plans of their village/ward/locality. People will also be assisted with registration on the CO-WIN app and tracking for post-vaccination side effects, ensuring follow-up on second doses as advised by MoHFW will also be done.

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