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CSR projects in Pune

Top CSR Projects in Pune

Pune is closed to the nation's financial capital and an emerging hub for business and information technology. This flourishing, culturally rich city belongs to Maharashtra, which is the highest spender for corporate social responsibility in India. Naturally, Pune has a thriving CSR culture. Top CSR Projects in Pune The development sector is taking notice of the...
national immunization day 2021

National Immunization Day 2021 – Most Promising COVID-19 Vaccines

January 19 is annually observed as National Immunization Day 2021 in India. This year, the day will take on added significance with the Pulse Polio Programme being overshadowed by the pan India COVID-19 vaccination drive. Over the next few months, a whopping three crore people who are at most risk will be inoculated. Here's...
Mahindra Group road safety

Road Safety Week 2021: Mahindra Group Takes a Strategic Approach

Homegrown automaker Mahindra Group has been creating awareness about road safety for years. Companies within the group participate in Road Safety Week every year. In 2020, the theme for its interventions for this cause was ‘Bringing Change Through Youth’. That week, employees were included in a special campaign across all locations. Mahindra Group ropes in...
Aygo - Toyota Kirloskar Motor

Safety Crusader: Toyota Kirloskar Motor

Travel, in and of itself, involves some sort of risk. Whether it's your daily commute to office, or your children's ride on the school bus, a long road trip or a group tour. Transport has come a long way from the snail-paced automobiles. However, car crashes kill lakhs of Indians every year, with 17...
Asian Paints CSR

The Complete Asian Paints CSR Report Depicts a Vibrant Vision

Asian Paints CSR is all about the holistic development of communities and a resilient future for the nation. With a presence in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the South Pacific, Asian Paints has aligned all its business ventures with the goal of making dream homes a reality for its consumers. The company is a...
National Youth Day 2021

National Youth Day 2021 – College Students Open Up

Nearly half of our country's population is less than 25 years old, making India one of the youngest countries in the world. Are we treating our youth with the love and respect Generation Z deserves? This is a question every parent, professor, policymaker and politician should be asking themselves as the nation celebrates National...
frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions About CSR, Answered!

The CSR Journal is always communicating to you every detail of CSR law, every aspect of the CSR domain and new developments in corporate social responsibility. We always keep you informed about CSR rules in simple and easy-to-understand language. No corporate jargon here. Only relevant information and the latest news. Frequently Asked Questions There are some...

Dubai has a CSR Approach That Indian Cities Can Learn From

Dubai's commitment to corporate social responsibility in the face of an economy-destroying pandemic is impressive. The secret sauce for this successful CSR recipe is the way that the UAE government rewards every corporate – big or small – who contributes to the culture of responsible business practices. The unique approach in Dubai has made...
perception of ESG

COVID-19 Changing the Perception of ESG Among Indians

ESG or Environmental, Social and Governance has been gaining prominence with global conglomerates in the past decade. However, Indian firms were procrastinating on ESG reporting. Although it goes hand in hand with the principles of responsible business and corporate social responsibility, the perception of ESG was that of a prestige product. Such notions are...
new CSR project for truck drivers

New CSR Project For Truck Drivers to Ride Easy

Truck drivers have a thankless job. They trudge long and winding roads alone for a paltry sum. The terrain is often treaacherous, challenging their very lives if they take one wrong turn or fall asleep at the wheel. They brave extreme weather to transport goods for people they will never meet. Truckers are exposed...
shallu jindal

Shallu Jindal Backs Girl Child Education with Reconstruction of a 114-year-old School

As Chairperson of JSPL Foundation, the executing arm of Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) Group CSR activities, Shallu Jindal is on a mission. She is committed to empowering women and educating children, especially young girls, in the villages. Ms. Jindal said, “Empowering the girl child with education is the best and the wisest...
floating wind technology

Global Commercial Players in Floating Wind Technology

Offshore wind has enormous potential and is expected to play a big role in future energy mix. However, 80% of the world’s offshore wind resource potential lies in waters deeper than 60 metres. To fully harvest the global offshore wind potential and expedite the energy transition and maintain a 1.5°C pathway in line with...

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