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Viacubs daycare facility for children of Viacom18 employees

CSR: Companies in India motivating working mothers

A handful of companies in India are doing their bit in retaining and motivating the female workforce during an important phase in the life of a woman: motherhood. It may be the Vahini program, Employee Assistance Programme, Parents at work Programme of Accenture or Stock Parking, Daycare Support Program at Flipkart, Mums at Work...
10 year challenge image

10 Year Challenge: CSR then and now

As the 10-Year Challenge, or the 2009 vs. 2019 Challenge sweeps social media, The CSR Journal has its own take on the otherwise superficial trend. We are comparing the state of Corporate Social Responsibility in the country in 2009 vs. 2019. Institutionalizing CSR A decade ago, the most common CSR activity when it came to the...
financial inclusion

CSR: Progress in India on financial inclusion

India has achieved significant progress on the financial inclusion of both women and men over the past six years. The number of bank accounts has more than doubled, and the number of bank accounts held by women has almost tripled. Several initiatives have succeeded by addressing pull and push factors simultaneously, as well as opportunities...
urban forest

CSR: Optimising trees and forests for healthier cities

Traditionally, cities and urban areas were perceived as being in some kind of competition with the hinterland and rural areas. It is now clear that they are all connected. The majority of the world's population now lives in urban areas and even India, a country predominantly viewed as rural, will be overwhelmingly urbanized in another...
CSR in forestry

CSR in forestry, the present and the future

The wood products sector operates under more intense public scrutiny than other extraction-based industries because wood comes from forests and forests are commonly seen by the public as natural places that should be relatively untouched by humans. Forest certification and eco-labelling are two important concepts to ensure that wood is sourced from sustainably managed...
Ratan Tata and AM Naik

CSR is fighting cancer in the country

Corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy are emerging as major supporters in the fight against cancer in India. Breast cancer Fujifilm India conducted a conference on breast cancer in December 2018. Amulet- TAB (Together Against Breast Cancer) aimed to trigger behavioural change and to build awareness on the fact that early detection of breast cancer can...

Why are PSUs spending 80% of CSR funds in mining areas?

Noting that over INR 15,500 crore was disbursed to states for projects under District Mineral Foundation (DMF), a parliamentary panel has asked the government to review mandatory provision of spending 80% of CSR funds by companies in mining areas to avoid overlapping. DMF has been set up in states under a mining Act to implement...
sanitary pad

CSR: The sanitary pad shenanigan

How does the giving of sanitary napkins make a difference when there are no functional toilets in schools or where functional toilets have no water? There is a potential loss of about US $100 billion in GDP to India as a result of girls dropping out of school due to menstrual health issues and thus...
Food wastage and SDG

CSR: Food wastage and the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs in short) emphasize both increasing food security and reducing stress on natural resources. Reducing food loss and food wastage can make a critical contribution to these broad goals. SDG 12 focuses specifically on sustainable consumption and production patterns; SDG target 12.3 calls for halving global food wastage at the retail and...
CSR spending in thematic areas

Are CSR projects and spends aligned with thematic areas?

According to Census 2011 undertaken by the Government of India, 6% of the nation’s population resides in slums, amounting to more than 7 crore people, which is a significant number. People living in slum areas face multiple challenges, ranging from insufficient living area to lack of access to drinking water, and require assistance through...
food waste

CSR: Food waste makes a global mess

Food waste is a global problem from every point of view, as it involves every step of the food supply chain and leaves nearly one billion people hungry and, in many cases, deprived of their land. Food waste has reached frightening proportions: one third of all food produced in the world is wasted. In the...

CSR: Tips for protection from winter allergies and air pollution

Like every year, air quality in the city has started dipping with the advent of winter. The ambient level of air pollution is oscillating, at times exceeding the safety limits for key air pollutants that pose health risks to people. The problem has aggravated due to lack of breeze allowing pollutants to remain static, emissions...

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