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International Plastic Bag Free Day 2023: 5 sustainable alternatives to plastic bags

Plastic pollution is increasingly becoming a huge challenge across the world. In fact it has become one of the most pressing environmental issues in...

How a Pune-based social enterprise is upcycling plastic using traditional charkha and handloom

After cutting open a packet of Maggi, we put the noodles in saucepan for boiling and throw away its plastic wrapper in the dustbin....

Green initiative at West Bengal’s Jhargram to reduce plastic use and support local women

At a time when the world is battling a gigantic issue of plastic pollution, a ‘green initiative’ started by a few women from a...

Dairy in Ujjain offering discount discouraging single use plastic

The government of India has banned the manufacture, sale and use of single use plastic items from July 1, 2022. Following this, a dairy...

How Green Is Your Plastic Bag?

Chennai based BIOTEC Bags have designed a Plastic Bag that you will never feel guilty about using.

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