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How Green Is Your Plastic Bag?


No one can deny that in our everyday use there are times when the usage of the dreaded plastic bag is inevitable. So many a green hearted folk have wondered, can a Plastic bag be GREEN? Chennai based BIOTEC Bags say ‘Yes they can!’ You can actually flaunt this ‘green plastic bag’ at your next grocery shopping trip.

Quick Comparison:

[box type=”warning”] Regular Plastic Bag:

• Takes several hundreds of years to decay.

• Decomposition causes devastation to the natural environment with toxic emissions.

• Contaminate with soil and water hence creating shortage of good water and fertile land.

• Lower tensile strength.

• Unhygienic and pose a lot of health concerns.

• Premature cracking, less shelf life.

• Cheap, toxic materials called fillers and are added to reduce the cost.

• Impossible to recycle after second or third time and remains in the world for upto 1000 years when thrown away.

• A guilt inducing social stigma! [/box]

BIOTEC Plastic Bags

[box type=”info”] BIOTEC Plastic Bag:

• Biodegrades in approximately one year after coming in contact with soil.

• Biodegradation yields carbon-dioxide, water, inorganic compounds and biomass at a rate consistent with other known compostable materials like cellulose, wood and paper.

• Due to the bacterial activity in the biodegradation process, the nutrition value of the soil is actually enhanced.

• Good tensile strength.

• Hygienic and safe to use.

• Shelf life at least 2 years.

• Use only high quality components.

• All components go back to nature hence zero chances of harming the ecosphere.

• Carry it everywhere with pride! [/box]

BIOTEC BAGS are also creating magazine covers, envelopes, disposable bags for cars, and nursery bags in addition to the existing, regular category plastic products like Carry Bags, Garbage Bags, packing sheets & rolls. So there is no more excuse for using regular, toxic plastic, is there?