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Indian Army Enables Kashmiri Students to Pursue Medical Education with ‘Super 50’ Initiative

In a philanthropic move, the Indian Army is providing free preparation for medical competitive exams through the ‘Army HPCL Kashmir Super 50’ initiative in the northern districts of Kashmir. The Army is also offering financial assistance to students who are accepted into prestigious medical schools by funding their expenses.
The situation in North Kashmir is returning to normalcy, according to Major General SS Slaria, GOC, Kilo Force, as the prevailing factors improve, including a decrease in terror occurrences and an increase in the number of pupils attending school.
Speaking about the initiative to ANI, Major General SS Slaria, GOC, Kilo Force said, “In North Kashmir, the security situation is stable. It is moving towards normalcy. Once you look at the benchmarks, there are many positives. Terror instances are going down. Incidents of ‘Hartaals’ are going down.” He further added, “The tourism sector is looking up with better arrivals of the tourists, and more students are going to schools. The youth has to choose their heroes well. If they choose them well, they will be on the right path.”

What is Project Kashmir Super 50?

‘Project Kashmir Super 50’ is a programme aimed at improving the scholastic status of children from economically disadvantaged families in Kashmir. It was first released on March 22, 2013. The Indian Army, the Center for Social Responsibility and Leadership (CSRL), and PETRONET LNG Limited (PLL) have collaborated to execute the project in the region.
Wahid Farooq, a teacher at the Army-sponsored institute, stated that as part of the Army’s initiative, 30 boys and 20 females are studying in the coaching without paying any fees.
“We started this project in 2018 and visited every school. Written examinations were also held to shortlist students for the coaching programme. In 2018, a total of 30 students were selected, out of which 25 passed the entrance examination for the medical colleges. In 2021, the project was converted from Super 30 to Super 50, after which girls were also included. We have 30 boys and 20 girls studying here, and all the facilities are provided free so that they can pursue their dreams. Once the students get admissions to institutions like AIIMS, the Army will sponsor that fee also,” Farooq said.

100% Success Rate for Boys

Anupreeta Shandilya, a teacher in the coaching institute, said that there has been a 100 per cent success record for the boys.
“I have been teaching here since July last year. When the students come, we take them through the subjects in a gradual manner, beginning with the basics. It is really surprising that no matter which area they come from they all want to do well. We have a 100 per cent success record for boys and I am sure the girls will also do well in the near future,” she said.

Students Review the Facilities

Hakima, a student, talking about the facilities at the institute said, that the facilities are good, and that the coaching is a better option for pupils who cannot afford pricey coaching in large cities.
“I want to become a doctor. The facilities are good here. The teachers are quite competent. It is a good opportunity for the students who cannot afford expensive coaching in other cities,” she said.
Another student said, “There are a lot of facilities here, including hostels. We have face to face interactions with the faculties. In the cities, there is an expense of almost ₹ 2 to 3 lakhs for medical coaching. The Army is giving us all facilities for free. We are benefitting a lot,” he said.