Dabur honey csr campaign

Dabur Honey unveils a new CSR campaign ‘Sweetness of Giving Back’ on Bijoya Dashami

There is a saying that ‘Sharing and Giving are the ways of God’. On the occasion of Bijoya Dashmi, Dabur Honey announced a new CSR initiative to support the livelihood of honey collectors of Sundarbans, who have witnessed their livelihood being impacted due to multiple cyclones and massive floods in the region over the...
Keshav Suri foundation

Keshav Suri Foundation Conducts Walk-in Diversity Job Fair for LGBTQIA+ Communities in 11 Cities at The Lalit

It has been three years since our country bid goodbye to an archaic law, Section 377 on September 6. And three years since the launch of Keshav Suri Foundation on October 13, 2018; three years of small yet meaningful initiatives to build the nation; to embrace, empower and mainstream the marginalized communities in India. To...
Lego for children

Lego Commits to Remove Harmful Gender Bias From its Toys

Gender bias is deeply ingrained in the minds of people right from a very young age. It is not uncommon for people to think that appropriate toys for a male child include cars, trucks or robots, but that of a female child includes dolls, makeup sets or kitchen sets. In order to fight against...
Climate Change

How Nature-Based Solutions Can Help in Addressing the Root Causes of Climate Change

The Decade of Action (2020-2029) began with a bang. After facing the warmest decade on record (2010-2019), the hopes of getting some relief were quickly dashed by the Covid-19 crisis. And although the pandemic-induced lockdown provided a breather to natural ecosystems and allowed them to thrive, the situation was only temporary. Before the year...
world food day

World Food Day 2021 – Founding day of UN body, the FAO

While millions of people go hungry, vast quantities of food are lost every day, either spoiled during production or transport or thrown into the waste bins of households, retailers or restaurants. Squandering food is also a waste of the precious resources used to produce it. Up to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are...
Global Handwashing Day

Global Handwashing Day 2021: Wash Hands to Prevent Communicable Diseases

October 15th is observed as Global Handwashing Day across the globe every year. The day was founded by the Global Handwashing Partnership and was determined by the UN General Assembly in 2008. It focuses on the importance of hand wash and comes up with “creative ways to encourage people to wash their hands with...

UN Bodies: IFAD Increases Food Security

IFAD was one of the major outcomes of the 1974 World Food Conference. The conference was organized by the United Nations in response to the food crises of the early 1970s, when global food shortages were causing widespread famine and malnutrition, primarily in the Sahelian countries of Africa. World leaders realized that food insecurity...
Bhatia hospital - global handwashing day

Bhatia Hospital creates awareness on the right way to wash hands

On account of Global Handwashing Day 2021 being observed today, Bhatia Hospital held a special activity to understand the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent and keep diseases at bay. The event was held by Sister Kanchan from Bhatia Hospital and saw everyone right from support staff, housekeeping...
entod world sight day

World Sight Day: ENTOD Pharmaceutical Organises Free Eye Check-up Camp

On the occasion of World Sight Day observed on October 14, ENTOD Pharmaceuticals conducted around 30 free eye check-up and cataract camps across different locations in the country. Apart from offering free screenings to people, the campaign is raising awareness on the importance of eye health, diseases that can occur and even offer free...
Shell drive safe

World Sight Day – Shell launches next phase of #DriveSafeIndia CSR programme, aims to screen vision of 1 lakh drivers by March 2022

Mishaps and fatalities on roads are unfortunately frequent occurrences in India. With about 151,000 on-road deaths reported each year across the country, boosting awareness on not only vehicle upkeep, but more importantly driver welfare, is an urgent imperative. A 2019 study report by the National Crime Records Bureau states that the number of road...
e-waste day

International E-Waste Day 2021 – ASUS #DiscardResponsibly offers free pick-up and disposal of discarded gadgets until October-end

With the rapid pace of innovation and easy accessibility, the adoption of new technologies has increased over the years, as we tend to frequently replace our old gadgets and electronics with the latest ones. Seldom do we pay attention to the end of our products’ lifecycle and often throw them away casually. With a pledge...
vidya utkarsh

CSR arm of ACC Ltd empowers around 1.2 lakh students through project Vidya Utkarsh

ACC Trust, the CSR arm of ACC Ltd, has always focused on improving the lives of disadvantaged, marginalized and economically backward communities through programmes that encompass livelihood, education, health & sanitation and women empowerment. In India, several communities lack the access to quality education. Recognizing the need to support educational institutions, ACC Trust, through its...

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