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Speeding Trucks Causing Calamities

Trucks on Road

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways headed by Nitin Gadkari, the current speed limit for the vehicles in M2 and M3 categories, such as trucks and cargos, on highways is 90kmph, on expressways is 100kmph and 60kmph within the city limits. However, one can easily witness loaded trucks on highways going at about 110 or 120kmph. A truck loaded with construction material, going at such high speed often drops some of its heavy load at speed breakers. With no one to clear the road immediately, many vehicles often have no option but to go over it, causing more wear and tear to the vehicles as well as the roads.

A heavy vehicle going at a high speed is difficult to control in case of sudden hindrance on the road. With stray cows and cattle freely roaming around on highways in India, hindrance is readily available at any given point of time. This has caused many accidents and casualties on highways.

A truck driver named Ramkishan driving a cargo on National Highway 08 said, “We do not enjoy driving too fast and breaking the speed limit. But we have deadlines to follow.”

Logistics in India rely heavily on road transport. However, the truck drivers who run the logistics industry at the base level are paid very less. Also, they do not work on a fixed pay. They get paid on trip basis and are incentivised for delivering the shipment on time or before that. This leads them to driving continuously without taking consideration to the rules, safety and even their own health.

With big brands providing an option of express delivery and everyone expecting the world to be at their doorstep at the click of a button, the pressure has increased tremendously on the logistics industry.

Owing to the lifestyle the truck drivers lead in India, their number has already diminished significantly. Hence, it is only wise for every individual to slow down a bit and not expect express delivery service all the time, so that the drivers can abide by the rules and stay safe.

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