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Traffic at Mt. Everest

Overtourism Causing Loss of Life at Everest

11 trekkers lost their lives while attempting to climb Mount Everest in 2019. Three of them were Indian nationals, according to the official data received by the Nepal Government. The photo of climbers stuck at 8000m above sea level in a traffic jam has been doing rounds on social media since last few weeks....
renewable energy

Knowledge sharing to meet ambitious renewable energy goals

Corporate entities account for around two-thirds of the world’s final energy consumption and will continue to account for more than half by 2050, as estimated by the International Renewable Energy Agencyʼs REmade Index under the Clean Energy Ministerial’s Corporate Sourcing of Renewables campaign. As companiesʼ demand for renewable energy increases, they have the potential to...
SDG Gender Index

India Falls Under ‘Very Poor’ Category in SDG Gender Index

India has secured 95th rank in the first-ever SDG Gender Index, which measures strides made in achieving gender commitments against internationally set targets. The index which took the performances of 129 countries in total, concluded that while India is leading in certain SDGs, it is lagging way behind in achieving gender equality. The index has...
IKEA new collection

CSR: Reducing air pollution by way of design

Air pollution is a growing health peril and severe global concern. The situation in North India is most alarming, with 9 of 10 of the world most polluted cities situated there. One peril is burning of rice straws, a residue from harvesting rice that widely aggravates pollution and smog. Through the ‘Better Air Now’ initiative,...
UNGC Sustainability Principles

Why Corporates Should Adopt UNGC Principles for CSR

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) has released 10 principles more than 15 years ago to drive sustainability. Since then, nearly 12,000 companies worldwide have recognised these principles as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility and have committed to adopting the sustainable and socially responsible policies that it calls for. The recommended policies by the...
Indian culture

CSR: What is preventing corporate-cultural collabs?

Despite the wide range of tangible benefits to corporate sponsorship of culture, there are several misgivings and misunderstandings that prevent effective corporate-cultural collaborations. Structure of corporate giving The nature of support extended through a corporate setup cannot be compared to individual philanthropy since the money at stake does not belong to a single individual. Gayatri Divecha from...
Domestic Violence

India’s Stand on Domestic Violence

Women have always been advised by the conservatives that they should stay at home rather than stepping out for their safety. Home is considered to be the safest of all the places in the world. Ironically, it has been proven that women are more unsafe at home in many cases. According to Global estimates...
MBA students

Why MBA students should get serious about CSR

Business leaders and governments are increasingly identifying environmental issues and social changes as the biggest risks to global business. For one thing, the depletion of natural resources and the rising costs of scarce resources means businesses need to think about how they can continue to compete while making a positive impact. It is far easier for a business...

Why forests must figure prominently in CSR

While the importance of forests and trees to a healthy, prosperous planet is universally recognized, the depth of those roots may be greater than imagined. Forests and trees make vital contributions both to people and the planet, bolstering livelihoods, providing clean air and water, conserving biodiversity and responding to climate change. Forests act as a...
ESG Investing

Mainstreaming the ESG Investments

Global climate change has made the binding international goal for a transition to a low carbon economy under 2 degrees, inevitable. The recent new EU Sustainable Investment Disclosure Rules, the new EU Directive for Non-Financial Reporting, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the market-driven self-regulation initiatives such as TCFD, the market proof as well as...
Agra bear rescue

CSR for animal welfare is geared towards human welfare

After decades of struggling for recognition, the animal protection cause is now considered one of the paramount social justice issues of modern times. Any company that takes the step towards supporting this movement is sure to increase its goodwill. Animal NGOs are very vociferous in India. Why not get them on your side? Appeals to...
3D printing

Is 3D printing really eco-friendly?

3D printing has been hailed as the catalyst for the next industrial revolution and the “democratisation of manufacturing”, being viewed as having the capacity to shift manufacturing to a more local level - from mass-production to mass-customisation. However, in reality the balance of pros and cons is more complex, and the technology is unlikely to...

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