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CSR in 2019: Thematic areas to stay tuned for

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2019 will be a promising year of impact. Reporting, branding and market feedback are all aligning to support a higher level of CSR activity than ever before. Pay attention to how companies are gearing up to ride these waves and engage with thoughtful CSR campaigns.
Of course, aligning strategy with the SDGs is one major trend. The Sustainable Development Goals, released by the UN General Assembly, are unique since they connect individuals to enterprise. Yet, companies have not been keen to include them in their annual reports with many firms struggling to incorporate standards released in the market more than a decade ago.
2019 will be the year of the SDG as it will become the universal standard for CSR activity and the common denominator for the voluntary evaluations active today. As the SDGs become more popular, keep an eye out for industry level partnerships for programming and impact support.
Here’s what to expect in CSR projects in the coming years.

Skills Development

– Setting-up of special sectoral-skill based academies
– App-based curriculum delivery
– Integration of skills programmes with 10+2 curriculum or add on afterschool packages for adolescents
– Use of AI to gauge interests of youth for skills training


– Supporting tech-based enterprises in healthcare through technology incubators
– Affordable technology and innovations in public healthcare projects
– Preventive healthcare measures for communities
– Nutrition and wellness initiatives for children and mother

Women Empowerment

– Programmes related to awareness building for women safety, gender equality and inclusion
– Entrepreneurial support for rural women
– Leadership building programmes for women
– Non-farm Livelihood initiatives for women


– Recycling of plastic and paper products
– Promotion of eco-friendly measures
– Programme-based use of solar products

Water and Sanitation

– Adoption of drinking water delivery in rural and semi-urban areas
– Water ATMs on public places
– Behaviour change communication initiatives for communities
Sanitary-pad distribution and setting -up of sanitary-pad vending machines