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Nasscom meet to focus on CSR trends in IT industry

Indian IT industry apex body’s social arm Nasscom Foundation is hosting a conference in Bengaluru on December 10-11 to discuss corporate social responsibility (CSR)...
CSR and millennials

CSR is critical, especially among millennials in the US

In today's tight labour market – where there is currently less than one unemployed person for each job opening – CSR is critical, especially...
social media wellbeing

CSR: Is social media stressing you out? Enter Social Media Wellbeing

The conversation around social media’s negative impact on mental health has been public speculation. Over the past few years, high-profile celebrities have spoken out...
female viewership of sports

CSR: Female Sports Viewership Increasing

There has been an upsurge in global female viewership for sports events. Further, it has been observed globally that apart from watching the game,...
Sports on mobile phone

CSR: Mobile and Live Streaming of Sports

Driven by a young digital audience, and rapidly increasing smartphone and internet penetration, India is witnessing significant growth in online consumption of sports content....
Rekha makes menopause look good

CSR: Menopause Is No Dirty Word, Says New Generation Of Menos

Women have long suffered in silence through menopause. But a new generation is encouraging a more open conversation, to share learnings and to put...
millennials driving brands to be socially responsible

Millennials Driving Brands Towards Social Responsibility

Millennials on average are more risk-averse and are less likely to spend money unnecessarily than previous generations. But when millennials do decide to part...
Sushmita Sen with her adoptive daughters

More Single Women Adopting In India

Is it essential to be married in order to be a good parent? Does being single make a man or woman less capable of...

तेरा धिआन किधर है मेरा सीएसआर इधर है

साल 2015 शुरू हो गया है और यह पहला वित्तीय वर्ष होगा जब भारतीय कार्पोरेट जगत को सीएसआर यानि कार्पोरेट सामाजिक दायित्व के तहत...

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