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Funding avenues and opportunities for NGOs

By Sudeep Gupta and Joy Sharma, Founding Partners, Impactify For a long time now, the social sector has been facing critical issues pertaining to funds...

CSR: Purpose-led strategy, the new way

The latest World Economic Forum report states that India is the fastest growing, large economy (GDP growth–7.5%), and by 2030 is forecasted to become...
CSR projections

CSR in 2019: Thematic areas to stay tuned for

2019 will be a promising year of impact. Reporting, branding and market feedback are all aligning to support a higher level of CSR activity...

Leveraging Technology For CSR

This is the Social Development space, dude! Don’t you get it, we are driven by passion and sweat and the human touch. The cold...
gender diverse company

Gender-Inclusive Companies Are More Socially Responsible

Companies and society win when business leaders are gender-inclusive. Researchers from Harvard Business School examined how corporate leadership and organizational structure influence CSR by utilizing...
corporate outlook

Changing Corporate Outlook on CSR

In 2014, India became the first country in the world to mandate companies to spend a fraction of their revenue on Corporate Social Responsibility...
CSR impact measurement

CSR Impact Measurement Tools and Frameworks

Impact measurement is often quite specialised and needs to be undertaken by an independent team with specific skills depending upon project design. What is CSR...

How SMEs Can Contribute To CSR

The quantum of revenue available for CSR from individual SMEs is expected to be small. However, all eligible companies in a specific geographical cluster,...

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