Supreme Court Of India

समाज सुधार के लिए कोर्ट के “सुप्रीम” फैसले

जब भी अन्याय की आंधी से किसी के उम्मीद का दीया बुझता है तो उसे सिर्फ एक ही आस होती है, न्याय की आस, उम्मीद फैसले की, शायद यही वजह है कि जब भी अन्याय के बादल मंडराते है जनता की जुबान पर एक ही बात होती है, "सुप्रीम कोर्ट तक लड़ूंगा", और न्याय...
UNAIDS on 377

UNAIDS welcomes SC decision on IPC 377, urges other countries to follow India

The UNAIDS (United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS) welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court of India to annul key provisions of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. The world agency expressed hope that this decision sets the trend and is followed in other countries to remove unjust laws criminalizing homosexuality. IPC Section 377...
Inauguration of The People's Clinic

AIDS Healthcare Foundation India expands stigma-free healthcare to LGBTQ community

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) inaugurated its Center of Excellence – Anti Retroviral Therapy clinic (ART clinic) in New Delhi. To be known as The People's Clinic the ART center will operate for 12 hours a day, six days a week. The extended hours will serve the general public and incorporate an evening Moonlight Testing...
Gauri Sawant

CSR: Transgender Activist Garners Support

Now that the celebrations over the scrapping of Section 377 are quieting down, the real work can begin. The LGBTQ community has a long fight ahead for full equality and acceptance in society. Activists believe it’s the start of a new era for the nation’s LGBTQ community. Take the case of Gauri Sawant. Gauri is...
India and section 377

CSR: Section 377 Ruled Out By Supreme Court of India

Homosexuals in India have always had a tough time living under constant fear of being punished for being what they are. When the world is not only legalising homosexuality but also celebrating same sex marriages in public, India is losing a lot of talented people by criminalising love. In 2013, the Supreme Court of India...
Keshav Suri

The LaLiT Pioneers Including LGBTQ Employees In Healthcare Benefits

The LaLiT Suri Hospitality group announced the extension of its employee benefits to its LGBTQIA employees and their families. The LaLiT has over 3000 employees working in its 13 hotels (12 properties in India and one hotel in London, The LaLiT London) and is now the first hotel group to include same sex partners,...
transgender rights

Empowering Transgender Individuals In A Democracy

It is not a fight for equal rights for the members of LGBTQ community. It is a fight for equal rights for all human beings. The LGBTQ community is one of the most repressed communities in many countries including India. India acknowledged its transgender population for the first time in 2011 census. According to the...
Washroom Rights

Sharmaji Ka Beta – LGBTQ Rights

Sharmaji ka beta supports equal rights for the LGBTQ community. He believes that one should not be treated differently for their unconventional lifestyle choices. Hence, Sharma in his department at office, uses his influence to make sure that everyone gets a fair opportunity professionally irrespective of their orientation. Once, Sharma was going to the washroom, when he...

Everybody Counts, This World AIDS Day

On December 1, World Health Organisation observes World AIDS Day. This year’s theme compliments the UN Sustainable Development Goals and promotes ‘Right to Health’. WHO will stress on the need for the 36.7 million HIV patients to reach the goal of universal health coverage. The slogan supporting these ideas reads “Everybody Counts”. This day...

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