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Ration Service For Poor Senior Citizens

A monthly basket of basic provisions for the very poor senior citizens. Households headed by senior citizen have a poverty ratio of 20.0% as per the estimate of the Planning Commission. India has very little social security in place for senior citizens. Pension coverage is as low as 11% of the entire workforce. About 65%...

Loneliness Mitigation Services to The Elderly

Dignity Foundation, an NGO works for the cause of senior citizen in India.

Football: Changing lives in rural India

YUWA India a Not for profit organization is changing lives of young girls in Jharkhand by empowering them to escape the age old evil of child marriage. Franz Gastler Co-founder of YUWA India is a well accomplished name in the field of sports in USA. He had trained at the US Olympic Training Centre in...

Sports in Autism

A short film on autism. For any suggestions please add a comment share it with as many friends as you can.

Illuminating Lives

Philip Earis, a Physicist from UK is the man behind Project-light. His  mission is to help the marginalized section get access to basic light through solar electricity. Philip’s job involves networking and working with new scientific researchers. This has helped him connect with scientists all over the world especially in alternative energy. India was...

In conversation with Shashi Shetty, Chairman, All Cargo Logistics

Talking to The wp Journal, Mr Shashi Shetty from All Cargo Logistics talks about the role of cleanliness and environment for a better India. He elaborates on the wp activities of the company in varied sectors.

In conversation with Prerna Langa, CEO, Yes Foundation

Prerna Langa, CEO of Yes Foundation shares how they thought of tapping the power and strength of Indian youth by involving them into something the youth is excited about- making movies. Speaking to The wp Journal, she also spoke about how promptly we need the shift in mind set for a better India.

In conversation with Sharad Kachalia, Director, Navnit Motors

Sharad Kachalia, Director, Navnit Motors in a chat with Pooja Domadia from The wp Journal talks about social activities the company is involved in. He believes that wp is not merely sharing a part of the profit with society but is essentially a responsibility towards society that every person has.

Reading the mental stress of Indian Children

In the wake of Universal Children's Day, in the final part of our children special series, we bring to you some of the most difficult phases of lives of children affecting their mental stress levels and in turn their overall developments Part III of III Legal and Social Crimes against children Painting a cruel and an absolutely...

“Government and parents should be lawfully enforced to enroll children to school”

With Indian Children’s Day gone on Nov 14 and Universal Children’s Day up on November 20th, we bring to you the second part of our three part series on issues faced by Indian children.   Part II of III (Education) The Right To Education (RTE), has been enforced since April 2010 for free and compulsory education to...

Children’s Day: Taking a glance at the health of Indian Children

This Children's Day we bring to you a III part series on issues faced by Indian Children Part I of III (Health) Children’s Day reminds of fancy dress competition and chocolate distribution at school to most of us who as kids had the privilege of enjoying education. But today when I think of Children’s Day, I...

It is our moral responsibility to make sure that society grows with the organisational growth: Sanjay Behl

Sanjay Behl, CEO, Raymond Ltd talks about Corporate Social Responsibility (wp) at Raymond Group and also expresses his views on the national wp norms. As the CEO, Behl is actively involved in the wp activities of the corporate house. He believes, that if each corporate works in skill training and social upliftment in their...

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