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Which are the institutions in India providing courses in CSR?

India is the first country in the World to have mandated Corporate Social Responsibility through Companies Act 2013. As per the law, companies need to adopt a business-like approach and to create a strategic CSR framework, that leads to socio-economic development and curb environmental issues by promoting sustainable and scientific solutions.
CSR was a norm for several companies even before the mandate. However, the law has made it a necessity to develop a structured framework and hire qualified professionals for the same.
More than 700 crore rupees were spent in the previous year on CSR by India Inc. In order to ensure optimum utilisation of this money and shift to a more strategic approach for CSR from a philanthropic approach, the companies need to hire talent that specialises in the field. Thus, with time, the demand for CSR professionals is to rise steadily in the country. And to ensure that the demand is met, several universities in the country have started to offer specialised courses on CSR.

Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA)

IRMA Gujarat has announced that it is planning to launch two new courses around ‘responsible business management and corporate philanthropy’. The courses will train CSR aspirants/professionals with skills that will enable them to implement effective changes in the management approach of firms.
“To stay relevant to the emerging trends, looking at philanthropy as the sole model of CSR will not work. The new approach will need CSR management to become responsible and accountable to become responsible and accountable to its stakeholders. With India being an essential participant in Industry 4.0, the corporates need to be conscious of the productive usage of its funds,” says Hitesh Bhatt, director, IRMA, while talking to Education Times.

Jawaharlal Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility (JNICSR)

CSR education is the mother of a new society and every corporation employee should have at least mid-level knowledge of CSR so that corporation can perform a better and make effective utilisation of resources and create a significant impact. Keeping this in mind, JNICSR is also offering an online distance learning skill enhancement diploma on CSR.
Apart from this, online education platforms such as Udemy are also offering a short-term certificate program. These courses serve well currently, considering the fact that the CSR mandate is not very old as yet. However, they wouldn’t suffice in the near future. More dedicated CSR programs will need to be offered in order to ensure the availability of trained professionals in the field.