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Funding tech incubators can qualify as CSR spend

India Inc looking to lend a helping hand to the startup ecosystem will soon be able to use its corporate social responsibility corpus for the same. The government panel...
Amazon Climate Change open letter

CSR: Amazon Employees Ask The Company To Improve Its Climate Change Act

Thousands of Amazon employees have gathered up to stand up against Climate Change. More than 6000 employees of the corporate giant have signed on...

How CSR Can Ruin Brand’s Reputation

CSR has gained a lot of attention in recent years at a global level. The humanitarian image that it is associated with has attracted...
P&G Clean Drinking Water

P&G Aims to Deliver 25 Billion Liters of Clean Drinking Water to Families in Need

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is celebrating the achievement of its 2020 goal of delivering 15 billion litres of clean drinking water through its non-profit...
Responsible Citizens

Manipal ProLearn in association with Janaagraha launches CitizenPro

Manipal ProLearn, a leading professional learning platform and a division of Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE), in a collaborative effort with Janaagraha Centre for...
CSR Jobs

How CSR Impacts Recruiting Efforts

Jobs that provide a sense of integrity are increasingly valued. As corporate social responsibility (CSR) surges into the mainstream, people want jobs that help...
TISS Financial Management Workshop

TISS AESDII concludes Programme and Financial Management Workshop

TISS AESDII in collaboration with Shantilal Muttha Foundation concludes Programme and Financial Management Workshop. TISS AESDII in collaboration with Shantilal Muttha Foundation concluded its Programme...
TISS Program

TISS AESDII Announces Second Batch of ‘Development Perspectives, Managements and Practices’ Certificate Program

The five-day certificate program by TISS is an attempt at training more individuals to participate in social and national development at a professional level. CSR...

CSR Arm of Kerala Firm to Contest Lok Sabha Election

Twenty-20, a corporate social responsibility arm of the Anna-Kitex group, one of the largest private sector companies in Kerala, has decided to field a...
Cause-Related Marketing - P&G and Shiksha

CSR: Cause-Related Marketing – An Innovative Approach

Cause-Related marketing is a way of involving customers in the company’s CSR projects. For example, P&G India announces in its TV commercials that the...
HDFC Bank launches Navachar (Innovation) Pustika

HDFC Bank launches Navachar (Innovation) Pustika

HDFC Bank launched a manual of innovative teaching ideas called Navachar Pustika. Navachar Pustika (Innovations Handbook), is a compilation of innovative teaching ideas contributed by teachers themselves....

Trends Expected to Redefine CSR

There is no fixed definition of CSR. But it is believed that companies have certain social, environmental, and ethical responsibilities they need to address....

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