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Wetlands International South Asia completes 25 years in wetland conservation

Non-profit organisation Wetlands International South Asia (WISA) recently announced its silver jubilee celebrations. The global & independent organisation completed 25 years of dedicated work in the field of wetland conservation & restoration.
During the silver jubilee year, Wetlands International South Asia (WISA) intends to connect more people to wetlands conservation, as well as initiate local action for their restoration and management.
“Wetlands and ubiquitous ecosystems are critical for humans and the Planet. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the existing dangers that these wetlands face, not just in India but across the world. Wetlands are a unique, important water source and offer a thriving ground for humans, plants, and animals. Local ecosystems depend largely on these wetlands, which are now facing unprecedented threats and risks. Wetlands International South Asia has been working in the field of wetland conservation for 25 years now, and we are so happy to announce our silver jubilee celebrations,” Dr. Sidharth Kaul, President of WISA, said in a statement.
The silver jubilee anniversary of Wetlands International South Asia also intends to celebrate the reassuring global and regional developments surrounding these ubiquitous ecosystems. WISA believes that the work done for more than two decades will also help reach out to a wider team of experts, practitioners, researchers, and policymakers to enhance wetlands conservation efforts.
“We have launched a dedicated website – www.wetlands25.org, which will share a lot of information about the ground-breaking work WISA has done over the years. We already have launched a few online contests for kids and youth, and we hope to get more people involved through our programmes. We have also planned webinars and discussions featuring prominent wetland practitioners and conservationists, besides involving police makers. The Silver Jubilee celebrations are an effort to shine a spotlight on the immense value of these ecosystems,” Dr. Ritesh Kumar, Director of WISA, added to the statement.
Wetlands International South Asia intends to expand its research further to various parts of South Asia and India, focusing on deltas, coastlines, and urban wetlands. In an attempt to spread awareness on the multiple values of and benefits of wetlands ecosystems, the organisation plans to conduct more programmes for stakeholder participation and webinars that will encourage further conservation around wetland sustenance and restoration.