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Food Lion volunteers

England: Food Lion Feeds to Donate $20,000 to Local Meals on Wheels Agencies to Help End Senior Hunger

Through its hunger relief initiative Food Lion Feeds, Food Lion is donating $20,000 in financial and product donations to six local Meals on Wheels affiliates across its 10-state footprint in support of Meals on Wheels America’s 17th Annual March for Meals campaign. Additionally, local Food Lion associates will deliver a healthy meal along with other...
lab rat

Australia’s Senate has passed a bill banning cosmetic animal testing

The testing of cosmetics on animals has been a hot button topic for many years the world over with many animal welfare groups and even cosmetics companies, including The Body Shop, campaigning to have the practice banned globally. There has been some global progress in this campaign, in the UK testing cosmetic products and their...

World pledges to protect polluted, degraded planet as it adopts blueprint for more sustainable future

The world today laid the groundwork for a radical shift to a more sustainable future, where innovation will be harnessed to tackle environmental challenges, the use of throwaway plastics will be significantly reduced, and development will no longer cost the earth. After five days of talks at the Fourth UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi, ministers...
gender equality

Gender Equality In The Private Sector

While it is governments that have the primary responsibility for implementation, there are a plethora of actors who play a role in implementation, including the United Nations, international financial institutions, the private sector and civil society. These actors cannot currently be held accountable in the same way as governments can. Private businesses, for example, are...
UN Women summit

UN Women and Procter & Gamble announce #WeSeeEqual commitment to gender equality

Co-hosted with UN Women, P&G’s first IMEA #WeSeeEqual Summit brought together business and government leaders, and influencers to share inspiration and surface insights around the myths that prevent us from accelerating our progress for gender equality. The Summit brought together the leading voices to share perspectives on gender equality in its many facets including women’s...
Justin Trudeau

The global nature of social activism

In 2018, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to the World Economic Forum at Davos to tell corporate leaders, "We’re in the new age of doing business. You need to give back. You need to be part of the solution." The expectations for companies and brands have never been greater. Social purpose, sustainability, and corporate...
Women in business

CSR: 3 Ways Women Can Win by Breaking Stereotypes

There are not many women in leadership roles in today’s world. In fact, females striving for high-level success in male-dominated fields face many challenges. According to research, when we think of good managers, more often than not, we think of men. Men are perceived as more competent and commanding than women, which can lead...
Human Capital

CSR: Human Capital Investment to meet SDGs

There has been a radical expansion in the role of the private sector in the social and environmental development sectors. The private sector is moving well ahead of governments on key issues such as carbon emissions, gender parity, green supply chains and diversity and inclusion. Organisations across the world are taking action and developing CSR...
Vacation Rentals Responsible Tourism

CSR of the Vacation Rental Companies

Vacation Rental Industry has been growing rapidly over the last few years. According to research by Futurestay, global vacation rental market is expected to worth $169.7 million, up from $100 million about three years ago. Gigantic players like Airbnb, Booking.com and Expedia have contributed majorly to the growth of this industry, changing the way...
UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion

UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion Plans for March Debut in Nairobi

The United Nations Alliance for Sustainable Fashion will be officially launched March 14, during a media event of the 4th U.N. Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya. While different U.N. institutions have tried to encompass fashion in various sustainability initiatives, this will mark a more comprehensive approach to address all aspects of a sustainable fashion industry. Just...
Google campus

World’s most reputable companies for CSR in 2018

The past year has seen much of the global business community doing damage control, and tech titans—untouchable as they may seem—have not been immune to the reputation crisis. While Apple and Facebook, still reeling in the wake of a string of scandals, have seen their brands tarnished, Google appears to have stayed above the...
human rights vs renewable energy

CSR Dilemma – Environment Vs Human Rights

The corporate sector is increasingly getting involved in solving climate problems by making a lot of changes in its operations as well as through their core product offerings. In the last several years there has been an advancement in technology that works towards solving environment-related problems. The Indian renewable energy sector is the fourth most...

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