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Team VCET Solecthon: Innovating in the Clean Energy Sector

Team VCET Solecthon was established in September 2017 with an aim to replace the high-costing fossil-based fuels and petrol. Its vision is to build highly efficient solar-powered electric vehicles by implementing the latest design and innovations. Its mission is to create awareness about the importance of solar energy for electric vehicles and to lead the world with green technology.
The team designs and manufactures Solar Powered Electric vehicles, contributing to a sustainable and pollution-free environment. At VCET Solecthon Students of various disciplines come together and design, manufacture, test and compete in autonomous Solar electric vehicles. They design customized brake calipers, brake discs, Pedals, Hub, Knuckle, and Suspension arms along with many other minor components. The team has participated in various National and Asian level Solar events such as ESVC, NSVC, SUVC, etc, and has excelled in them.
Mitesh Sawant and Mahendra Solanki came up with this innovative idea of using solar energy as our fuel to drive future vehicles, taking a step toward a sustainable and greener future.
The team is looking for monetary support in order to enable the machining of custom-designed components and cover its material costs. Additionally, the funds that the team receives from CSR or other fund-raising campaigns will be used to fulfill the needs of the project including welding, pre-manufactured components, electrical gadgets, power tools, motors, batteries, controllers, and solar panels, technical and non-technical requirements. To directly contribute to the project, one can donate by clicking on the following link: https://milaap.org/fundraisers/support-team-vcet
For more information, the team can be reached through the following link: https://linktr.ee/vcet_solecthon