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Fund raising: Ambala shop owner collecting Rs 15 lakhs for accident victim

Ambala, India: In a heartwarming display of compassion and solidarity, Vijay Agarwal, a local retail shop owner, has stepped forward to raise INR 15 lakh through ImpactGuru.com for 22-year-old Neetesh Rajak, who met with a life-altering accident. Hailing from a family of daily wage laborers, Neetesh’s life has taken a drastic turn after he was hit by a car while crossing a road in Ambala.
The accident resulted in catastrophic injuries, including fractures in Neetesh’s scalp, skull, and ears. Shockingly, the driver of the vehicle fled the scene, leaving Neetesh in a critical condition. Fortunately, Vijay Agarwal happened to witness the accident and promptly rushed Neetesh to a nearby hospital, where he received essential first aid at a significant personal expense of INR 35,000.
Recognizing the severity of Neetesh’s condition, Vijay decided to take a more substantial step by admitting him to Paras Hospital in Panchkula for advanced medical intervention. The medical team immediately initiated a critical brain surgery to address the internal injuries.
Neetesh’s family, already struggling financially as daily wage earners, was confronted with mounting medical bills, which Vijay Agarwal selflessly took upon himself to pay. He bore the brunt of the INR 12.5 Lakh hospital bill, showing his unwavering commitment to Neetesh’s well-being.
Unfortunately, despite the medical team’s efforts, Neetesh slipped into a coma post-surgery. The doctors are now focusing on treating his skull fractures and taking meticulous measures to facilitate healing and recovery.
To aid this process, Neetesh has been shifted to an ICU set-up along with his entire family at Vijay’s residence. The home ICU setup boasts specialized equipment and attentive nursing care, ensuring Neetesh’s well-being. Unfortunately, this treatment comes with a hefty expense of INR 15 lakh. Given their dire financial situation, the family has resorted to medical crowdfunding.
“He has a bright future ahead, and I don’t want financial constraints to hinder his journey to recovery. We still have a long road ahead. It’s my humble request to all generous people out there to please save this young boy’s future,” says Vijay.
The heartening story of Vijay’s empathy and selflessness serves as a beacon of hope and kindness during these trying times. Every little contribution counts in the fight to save Neetesh’s  life.
FR Link: https://www.impactguru.com/fundraiser/help-neetesh-rajak