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Computer Shiksha can adopt more schools with CSR support

Gurugram, India: In May 2024, over 560 schools across India applied to Computer Shiksha (CS) to introduce computer literacy awareness classes. Despite receiving a substantial number of applications, Computer Shiksha was able to adopt only 110 schools, impacting more than 20,000 students nationwide.
“With a dedicated team of 36 employees and a modest budget, this achievement underscores our commitment to enhancing computer literacy among school students,” said Mr. Pradeep Marwaha, Vice President at Computer Shiksha.
Regrettably, due to funding constraints, Computer Shiksha was unable to accommodate 450 schools, thereby missing out on reaching an additional 100,000 students this year alone.
“Our focus remains on expanding our footprint and doubling our beneficiaries,” added Mr. Marwaha. “With continued support from corporate partners through CSR funds and donations of End-of-Life computers, we aim to achieve this ambitious goal.”
Computer Shiksha currently operates in 1807 schools across 28 states and 3 Union Territories, reaching 274 districts, including 44 aspirational districts.

Computer Shiksha’s presence in East & Northeastern States

In West Bengal, Computer Shiksha programs have been implemented in 16 schools across 5 districts, comprising 12 under Model 2 and 4 under Model 3. In the Northeastern states and Sikkim, CS has established programs in 110 schools, with 100 already operational and another 10 schools set to begin soon. These 120 schools are spread across 33 districts.
As our Vice President, Mr. Pradeep Marwaha, emphatically rallies our corporate supporters with the assurance, “Together, we can expedite the journey to make every school child computer literate well ahead of our projected timeline.”
This bold vision drives our dedication to bridging the digital divide and empowering countless young minds across the nation with essential computer literacy skills.


Computer Shiksha contact for CSR collaboration/donations
Name – Mr. Mohan S Raghavan
Contact Number: +91 9821213920