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सीएसआर की तरह खिलाड़ियों को मिलेगा डेवलपमेंट फंड

Corporate Social Responsibility फंड की मदद से जिस तरह समाज में सकारात्मक बदलाव लाया जा रहा है उसी तर्ज पर अब नेशनल स्पोर्ट्स डेवलपमेंट...

What will it take for India to have a sporting culture?

Sporting culture is a combination of tangible and intangible elements — the number of fans that turn up to watch local sports, the importance...

The Rakshin Project joins the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children

50% of the children across the world experience violence against them. In India alone, almost 53.22% of them had experienced one or more forms...

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