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The Rakshin Project joins the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children

50% of the children across the world experience violence against them. In India alone, almost 53.22% of them had experienced one or more forms of sexual abuse before the age of 18. These huge and disturbing numbers call to action a systemic approach to tackle the root causes of child sexual abuse like patriarchy.
Sakshi, a rights-based NGO established in 1992 is through ‘The Rakshin Project’ working towards stopping child sexual abuse and creating an atmosphere of preventive justice, has now entered into a partnership with The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children which was launched in July 2016 by the UN Secretary-General.
The End Violence Partnership is a global entity focused solely on Sustainable Development Goal 16.2: ending all forms of violence against children giving the systemic approach of Sakshi a global platform to effect change in collaboration with like-minded organizations.
Through ‘The Rakshin Project’ NGO Sakshi with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is engaging young adults from NSS units across the country to create an empowered, informed, and educated generation, present in each family and capacity built to Recognize, Identify, Address, Deescalate, and Report Child Sexual Abuse by addressing the barriers of Denial, Silence, Shame and Stigma. The Rakshin Project has reached 11,200 students, from 170 colleges and universities spread over 19 states and 4 union territories.
With this partnership, the organisation looks to joining an international community in the movement against abuse against children and helping create the much-needed dialogue on the need to acknowledge children as a vulnerable population who need special care and attention.
Andrew Hassett, Director of Communication at the End Violence Partnership said: “End violence is thrilled that Sakshi has joined the End Violence Partnership. Together with our 450 partners, we will work to end violence against children in India and around the world.”
Smita Bharti, Executive Director at Sakshi believes, “This partnership comes at a time when the rising numbers of Child Sexual Abuse indicate the need for concentrated attention on taking a systemic approach to stop child sexual abuse. Only through collective action can we create a world that is safe for children everywhere.”
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