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नए साल के पहले दिन जानें 2024 के वो मुद्दे जो बनेंगे सुनहरे भारत का भविष्य

2023 को अलविदा कहने के बाद 2024 बाहें फैलाकर हम सबके स्वागत के लिए खड़ा है। साल 2024 भारत के सुनहरे भविष्य का नया...

रामोत्सव – धर्मपथ से रामपथ तक खिल उठी अयोध्या, पीएम मोदी ने किया विकास परियोजनाओं लोकार्पण

भले ही भगवान राम को लेकर देश में कितनी ही राजनीति क्यों न हो लेकिन आज अयोध्या के विकासपथ की राह पूरी दुनिया देख...

Morocco’s development model could show India the way

In recent decades, the Kingdom of Morocco has embarked on a path that fully commits the nation to a development and civil course that...

Considerations For A Systems Practitioner

In the first piece of this three-part series, I introduced the relevance of systems thinking for development and CSR. The second piece talked about...

Systems Thinking At Work

In my first piece in this three-part series, I introduced systems thinking and discussed why it is so relevant for the development sector and...

Systems Thinking For Development

To make interventions in the development sector work, we need more than attitude, legislation and participation. We need effective strategies, efficient execution and robust measurements.

Where Does Mumbai’s Sustainable Growth Stand?

July 28 is being observed as World Nature Conservation Day, which stresses on the fact that a healthy environment is the foundation of a stable and progressive society.

Is It Time For ‘Reimagining Sustainability’?

The sustainability landscape is changing rapidly. The recent developments of the Paris Climate Accord demonstrated the way nations are coming together to make a change.

A Development Thinking

thewpjournal is committed to assimilate and bring together the best of thinkers and advocates in the wp & Sustainability community across the world. Under this initiative we have invited our Linkedin connections & followers from all around the globe to participate and share their knowledge with one another. This week's article is by Dr. Gopi Ghosh

मोदी का संयुक्त राष्ट्र को संदेश – क्लाइमेट चेंज पर साथ आएं देश

नरेंद्र मोदी भारत के पहले ऐसे प्रधानमंत्री हैं जिनकी अमेरिका यात्रा और संयुक्त राष्ट्र की आम सभा में उनका भाषण - दोनों ही चीज़ें...

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