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Give a child a safe place to learn and grow

Sevalaya’s Swami Vivekananda Boys Home and Mother Teresa Girls Home for destitute boys and girls provide shelter for orphans, poor and destitute boys and girls. Nutritious food, clothing shelter, good education and medical aid are provided to all these children.
The family background of the children is verified when they are brought to Sevalaya for admission. Sevalaya is a registered charitable Trust and works in poor villages around Tamil Nadu. Their vision is to serve the rural poor and transform them into an equitable, happy and fulfilled society with an improved quality of life. The organization is professionally managed and is governed by a Board of Trustees with a deep commitment to social development.
An advisory committee, consisting of people who have experience in various fields, share their experience and skills with the trustees and employees of Sevalaya on a regular basis. The NGO draws its inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, and Mahakavi Subramania Bharathiyar. Their longtime goal is to start a free University for the benefit of orphans, the destitute and poor children.

About the project

Poverty should not be a hurdle for any child to have access to basic rights. Close to 2000 children have been provided with free education through this program. Every year 150 destitute children take shelter in the home. Food, shelter, clothing and basic education should be the right of every child.