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Science Leaders Scholarship Programme by FMC Corporation to promote agricultural research

FMC Corporation announced that it will launch a multi-year scholarship programme in major agricultural schools across eight states in India in April 2021. The FMC Science Leaders Scholarship Programme is aimed at creating greater opportunities for aspiring scientists to develop their aptitude in agricultural research.
Every year, 20 scholarships will be awarded to 10 students pursuing PhDs and another 10 students pursuing MSc studies in agricultural sciences. FMC will work directly with the universities to identify their brightest students and groom their keen interest and passion for science and research.

50% of the scholarships has been earmarked for female candidates to encourage more women in India to pursue a career in agricultural sciences and research. This is in line with FMC’s ambition to provide equal opportunities for both men and women and create a diverse and inclusive workforce.

“FMC has built a world-class research and development (R&D) organization in-house with more than 800 scientists and associates to guide one of the most robust discovery and development pipelines in the agricultural industry,” said Pramod Thota, President of FMC India. “Undergirding the sustainability of this approach in India is our talent strategy of developing a strong core of local scientists, complemented by a rich diversity of international scientists.”
Under the scholarship programme, awardees will also be accorded internship and industry mentorship for their overall development, in addition to getting preference in full-time employment opportunities in the company.
“The R&D scene in India is growing at a remarkable rate and is gaining global recognition. Internships through the FMC Sciences Leaders Scholarship Programme will enable students to be at the forefront of this growth, working in a world-class organization surrounded by some of the best minds in this field,” explained Thota. “We hope to, through the FMC scholarships, attract, nurture and expose the most capable students to the R&D landscape in India. We hope to encourage them to pursue rewarding careers in the agricultural industry and eventually contribute back to India’s R&D efforts and position our country as a research and innovation hub.”
FMC hosts a discovery chemistry centre in Hyderabad, engaged in new molecule discovery for India and the world, as well as an R&D facility in Gujarat that does discovery biology work, including testing of molecules on target pests.

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