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CSR: Scholarship programme launched for empowering girl students in Agriculture Studies

Mumbai, India: Crystal Crop Protection Limited, a leading agrochemical organization, announced its commitment to support the advancement of agricultural education and increasing women’s participation. In a collaboration with the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS), the brand has announced the launch of its progressive scholarship program tailored specifically for girl students who are pursuing higher studies in agriculture. NAAS, is a Delhi-based National Academy dedicated to Agricultural sciences. The initiative, launched in the honour of Mr Ankur Aggarwal’s late mother Smt. Kanak Aggarwal, reflecting the commitment of Crystal Crop Protection Limited’s MD, who was eager to extend the benefit of the scholarship to girl students pursuing agriculture courses.
This special initiative promotes and encourages aspirations of next generation students by providing financial support and a plethora of opportunities to young women who are passionate about making a difference in the field of agriculture. The scholarship program will offer financial assistance to 21 girl students for pursuing graduation program in 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year making a total of 84 scholarships every year.
“At Crystal Crop, we hold in high regard the pivotal role that women play in India’s agricultural landscape. We are keenly aware of the hurdles they confront and champion the vision of a farming community where gender parity thrives across all spheres. With the launch of this scholarship program, we pay homage to my late mother, a fervent advocate for girls’ education. Inspired by her passion, we are driven to carry forward her legacy by nurturing the aspirations of young women committed to excelling in the agricultural sector. Our goal is to furnish them with top-notch education and abundant opportunities within the field. By equipping these budding talents with the requisite support, we envision a future where they not only excel academically but also embark on fulfilling careers.” Said Mr. Ankur Aggarwal, Managing Director at Crystal Crop Protection Limited.
The scholarship program will not only provide financial aid but girl students will be able to take advantage of the college mentorship opportunities and network via organised events. They will also be mentored in their career development through workshops.
The program will commence from the upcoming session in July/August, 2024. Applications for scholarship program are now open for eligible girl students that meet criteria and have demonstrated academic excellence. Applicants can find more information and apply through the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences & Crystal Crop website.
“We believe that through this noble gesture, we are encouraging young women to take up different education streams in agricultural studies. Through this, we are not only investing in the students futures but also impacting the agricultural sector as a whole. We are excited to see a positive impact that these upcoming professionals will have on their communities and the broader agricultural landscape.” added Dr. Himanshu Pathak, Secretary, DARE & Director General, ICAR.
The applications will be open for a short window following the program’s announcement. This will be followed by multiple stages including application review and shortlisting, interviews of shortlisted applicants and final selection basis submission of mandatory documents.
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