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CSR: OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program aims to empower farmers

In a bid to extend a token of gratitude and appreciation to the farmers of India, OZiva, India’s leading certified clean and plant-based holistic wellness brand, launches the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program.
Through this program, the brand aims to empower farmers and families via various initiatives starting with the education of farmers’ children. The farmer community forms an integral part of the clean, plant-based ecosystem the brand has been building since 2016. Through this program with every purchase made on www.oziva.in, a contribution will be made by OZiva to enable better livelihoods of the farmers and their families.
Speaking on the initiative, Mihir Gadani, Co-Founder, OZiva said, “OZiva Kisaan Vikaas program is simply an extension of the enormous gratitude that we feel towards the farming community. Through this program, we will be assaying our part in carving a brighter and more promising future for farmer families of the country by empowering them at various levels. We feel proud and humbled at the same time for having the opportunity to serve and empower our nation’s benefactors.” Added Aarti Gill Co-Founder, OZiva, “We strongly believe that it is our duty to give back to the farmer community who feeds the entire nation and forms an integral part of our plant-based ecosystem”.
Around 60% of India’s population are farmers. However many of these farmers earn less than Rs. 5000 from farming activities. With families to feed and responsibilities to fulfil, many of these farmers find it extremely difficult to make ends meet. And OZiva hopes to make a difference to this through the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program.
The program will cover 4 major aspects of farmers’ lives in the next 7 years so that 10,000 farmers are able to self-sustain and build a brighter future for themselves and their families:
SHIKSHA – Supports kids’ education for their better tomorrow
AROGYA – Better health and nutrition for farmers and their families
VRIDDHI – Educate farmers for better output, access to best practices
SAMPOORN – Creating an ecosystem where more and more farmers are empowered by us sourcing of some of the key ingredients they produce
The first phase of the program, which kickstarted a few months back, included supporting the education and dreams of 100 children from the farmers’ community from Maharashtra. The brand aims to support more kids in the coming months while also laying the foundation of the other initiatives under the program.


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