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Marico Innovation Foundation honours ‘Made in India’ enterprises at Innovation for India Awards 2020

Known for unearthing first-to-the-world innovations through its flagship programme ‘Innovation for India Awards’, Marico Innovation Foundation announced 6 disruptive innovations they are backing – 3 winners across the Business, Start-up and Social Innovation categories along with 2 Global Game Changer awardees. For the first time the Foundation also allocated an award for an innovation deserving a special mention.
In line with their agenda to nurture innovation in our country, the Innovation for India Awards platform was instituted in 2006 to celebrate the passion and perseverance displayed by innovators.
Traditionally a closed-door event with the doyens of corporate India, impact investors and entrepreneurs in attendance, this time the event provided a rare opportunity for global audiences to witness the inspiring stories of the winners and recognize their achievements. Over 5000 participants registered for the virtual event from different entrepreneurship communities from Asia, Middle East, Europe & the USA.

Winners of Innovation for India Awards 2020

Business, Start-up and Social categories:

1. Agatsa Software Pvt. Ltd.

They have invented ‘Sanket Life’ – the world’s smallest and most intelligent medical-grade 12-lead ECG device that can be carried around in your pocket. It helps in early diagnosis and hence management of lifestyle diseases.

2. Genrobotic Innovations

Focussed on the task of making India’s sewage cleaning human intervention-free, they have invented the ultimate sewage cleaning robot. With ‘Bandicoot’ cleaning time of manholes can be reduced to only 20 minutes from ~4hours currently. More importantly, the manual scavengers are trained to operate the robot, thus uplifting the quality of their life and giving them a dignified way of earning their living.

3. Innaumation Medical Devices

AUM voice prosthesis by Innaumation Medical Devices is a uniquely developed speaking device that helps patients who have lost their voice box to speak again. The innovative device uses the food pipe which functions like a voice box. As compared to American or European devices that cost ~ INR 35000-50000, ‘AUM’ helps underprivileged patients reclaim their voice and hence their dignity of speech through the $1 initiative.

Global Game Changers

1. Goonj

Founded by Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Anshu Gupta – Goonj is a past ‘Innovation for India’ Awardee, that has brought back a barter system, established a circular economy and made ‘giving’ dignified. In their innovative model, rural India solves their own problems (like fixing wells, cleaning of ponds, making roads and bridges) in return for customised ‘kits’ made of underutilized urban household materials (like clothing, utensils, furniture, office equipment, etc.). This serves as a tool for rural development across 25 states & UTs in the country.

2. Olympic Gold Quest

Works with a mission to identify and nurture high potential talent of Indian athletes and supports their training to enable them to win Olympic medals for the country. Over the years, OGQ has played a complementary role to the Government and Sports Federations. In the last two Olympics, the training of 5 out of the 8 medal winners for India in the Olympics at London in 2012 and Rio 2016 was supported by OGQ. The 5 medal winners include M.C. Mary Kom, Vijay Kumar, Gagan Narang, Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu.

Special mention

Indian School of Development Management (ISDM)

A noteworthy innovation deserving a special mention for their pioneering pedagogy that is focussed on creating leadership talent for the social impact space in India. Their efforts positively impact the enormous efforts and billions of dollars invested in social impact in the country. Development Managers graduating from ISDM are now working with Social Purpose Organisations in various roles, a steadily growing body of knowledge and the support of some of the leading faculty from the world over.
A noteworthy innovation deserving a special mention for their unique pedagogy that is focussed on churning leadership talent that for social sector in India. Deviating from the business management and MBA routine, the institution has set up a pioneering practice-based curriculum in the course of Development Management and Studies.
Harsh Mariwala, Founder of Marico Innovation Foundation and Chairman of Marico Limited said, “Today innovation is the top agenda for any business leader in the world as we navigate extremely competitive and hard times. Through my personal journey, I believe that a lot of the challenges that we face as a nation can be solved with innovative solutions. Through this platform we have brought to the forefront such innovations by providing them both with the spotlight and support they need to succeed.”
Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, Honorary Chairman of Governing Council, Marico Innovation Foundation, shares his thoughts on the Programme, “The current challenging times show us how innovation is central to our very survival, and we have seen how Indian ingenuity always rises and responds to these challenges. The Innovation for India Awards 2020 winners have created disruptive solutions that can play a major role in transformation of our society and communities. My heartiest congratulations to the winners.”

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